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Due in no small part to Merric Blackman including it on his humongous list of Dungeons & Dragons 5e Adventures by Level, HONOR AND DEATH has leaped to the #1 most read post on Wine and Savages in just over a month! The previous leader was Regency/Gothic 1d: Pride and Prejudice Character Stats; while I’m proud of the way that post proved Savage Worlds can pretty much do anything, I know the main reason that post gets so many hits is because of the pictures of Keira Knightley and Colin Firth. I’m very happy to have a post rise to #1 based on its gaming merits, rather than accompanying pictures.

In celebration – and because this post ironically kicks HONOR AND DEATH off of the front page – I have now added a dedicated page for HONOR AND DEATH accessible from the “Pages” links on the left sidebar. At the moment, it’s the same exact material as on the original blog post; I might add some additional public domain illustrations at some point, but there’s no specific plans for any revisions.

Y’know, I’ve never gotten any constructive feedback on that adventure.


Elsewhere on the Internet, I’ve recently begun following Run a Game. I really like the analytical, rather scholarly approach taken there; I’ve learned quite a bit in just a few weeks of reading it. My favorite post I’ve read so far is The Horror-Hunter Ladder, a tool to help define an RPG group’s expectations of a game’s tone and themes along an axis from Horror (you’re all going to die) to Hunter (as in “monster hunter,” as in “slaughtering every monster you meet is acceptable”). One of the problems that killed my recent D&D 5e multiplayer campaign is that I like to play and GM at the Leiberesque “Gritty” style and some of the players were expecting the Hunter model. I’ll implement a discussion of tone based on this model in all future multiplayer games I run.


Could someone do me a favor and stat up the Monster Girl races from Monster Musume (AKA Monsutā Musume no Iru Nichijō) as D&D 5e races? I’m never going to have time for it. The end cards for the anime episodes have breakdowns of the various subraces; that should be enough to extrapolate game stats if you're familiar with the anime or manga.

Thanks in advance, Internet!

Lamia (translated version here)

Harpy (translated version here)

Centaur (translated version here)

Slime (translated version here)

Mermaid (translated version here)

Arachne (translated version here; NSFW link)

Cyclops (translated version here; NSFW link)


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