Tuesday, August 4, 2015

My Apologies to My Fan

The Savage Worlds Licensee seminar on ended with ahuge surprise for me: somebody I didn't know actually shook my hand and pronounced himself a fan of The King is Dead and this blog.
Frankly, I'm still not used to thinking of myself as a professional writer and I was really unprepared for an actual, real-life fan. I blathered out some thanks but really screwed up on some basic courtesy -- like catching this fan's name.
To my fan, please forgive me. It was my first time at GenCon and the first time I received recognition from someone who wasn't another blogger already known to me or was an industry professional I already knew by sight or reputation.
Also, your badge had flipped around and I was too shy to ask your name. I can be an idiot like that.
Meeting somebody who likes my work and whom I am either not pursuing employment from or is seeking to employ me is so far a unique experience. It was a perfect apertif to a fantastic weekend. My apologies again.
Thank you tremendously.
Oh, and if I get to call Wil Wheaton and Chris Pramas "Wil" and "Chris," then please -- please -- just call me Sean.


  1. Gen Con is a crazy event and it's tough to realize such things in the thick of it, especially when met with such a pleasant and rewarding surprise. Well done reaching out to the fan. Hopefully he'll see this and contact you.

  2. It was me. I was trying to figure a way to respectfully approach you and your wife. Nathaniel Garth aka Dolomite23. I have been a fan for awhile from the stuff you wrote on Accursed and your own setting the King Is Dead. Thanks for taking time out just to say hey.

    1. Thanks, Nathaniel! I'm sorry I didn't have the presence of mind to invite you out for a drink or something like that. I'll make sure to get you a copy of the TKID primer as soon as it's done (which will be several months from now) and I'll add your blogs to the "Friends of" list later today!

  3. I'm a fan even though I wasn't at GenCon#

    1. Thanks, Caoimhe! I hope we get the chance to meet in either California or Texas some day!


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