The Quest Board at the Bright Blade Brandished

I'm starting a new 5e campaign tonight (in my defense, Shane Hensley himself said at Chupacabracon that it was important that gamers play different game systems as well as Savage Worlds). Since I'd like to make it a very player-centric open world, I realized I needed to create multiple plot hooks for the PCs to choose from.
So I ripped off the request board from the manga/anime Fairy Tail and put it in the Bright Blade Brandished...

On the Quest Board
  • 1 Gold Piece per Orc Ear (And All the Treasure You Find!). Inquire with the Knights in Silver.
  • Help Wanted. Alchemical shipment missing, presumed lost on the Rauvin somewhere after Nesme. Inquire with Vold Taman of the Lady’s College.
  • Open-Minded, Well-Traveled Adventurers Sought. Excellent pay for lengthy journey. Worshippers of Sharess and Hanali Celanil preferred. Ask for Madame Milliara at the Golden Oak.
  • Cattle Stolen in Winters Edge. Ask for Jorus.
  • Female Adventurers Sought for Caravan Duty. Inquire with Tarn the Matchmaker at the Wayward House.
  • Missing Dog. Reward. Inquire with Gilpin Tolliver.
  • NESME NEEDS TROLLHUNTERS. The town of Nesme is seeking adventurers of all persuasion (no questions asked) to drive back recent incursions from the Evermoors. Trolls have been attacking in larger numbers than have been seen in decades, and our resources are wearing thin. Brave adventurers should inquire with Comali Bazmit at the Golden Oak.
  • Huntsmen Wanted for Dangerous Game. High risk, excellent pay. Ask for Maldon Metalhand.
  • Porters Needed. Inquire at docks.
  • Dragon Parts Desired. Inquire with Ebbethul Olgrimm at the Lady’s College.
  • Scouts Needed for Prospecting Expedition. Ask for Thorinda Hammertongs.
  • Tressym Trainers Needed. Apply with Ilyrrianiel Nethandwynn at the Golden Oak.
  • Charismatic and Unusual-Looking Persons Desired for House Party. Auditions required. Ask for Head Butler at Tanalest Manor.
  • Sell Your Spell Components to the Shining Scroll. Retainer offered for qualified adventurers. Inquire with Xara Tantlor or leave message with Vilnyk.
  • Scouts and Guards Needed for Voyage of Discovery! Sages with excellent backing are seeking adventurers to protect an expedition to the wilds! Knowledge is the treasure we seek, as we observe and record the behaviors and numbers of the strange and elusive megafauna of the High Forest! Excellent Pay with Medical and Funeral Benefits!
  • Missing Dog. Answers to “Lord Magister.” Return to Ninian Tarafel.
  • Rat Catchers Needed. 1 gold piece per dead rat. Ask at Mittelford Warehouse.


  1. Oh, that is a neat idea to steal.

    Also, doubly agree on the playing different RPGs. It can only help expand one's skillset and experience.

    1. Thanks!

      I'm actually surprised that want ads for adventurers aren't the assumed default in D&D.


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