Friends Will Be Friends

The majority of this blog’s traffic comes from links posted to RPG communities on Google+, but a smaller -- yet significant -- number of hits come from links on other sites’ blogrolls.
The undisputed heavyweight champion of these friendly blogs is +John Arendt 's (quasi-)OSR blog Dreams in the Lich House. My thanks go out to John both for his continued support and for his continuously fascinating insights into megadungeon-style play. I am also deeply indebted to +Tommy Brownell and The Most Unread Blog on the Internet. Ever.
I would also like to thank the following fine blogs:

Some of those blog owners are friends, some are folk I know nothing about, but I thank them all for the extra hits they send my way.
You will notice that all of those blogs are linked in the sidebar to the right named “Friends of Wine and Savages.” Also in there are the blogs of people who have left numerous comments on Wine and Savages (or links in blog posts) as well as some people I’ve befriended on Google+. I hope the “Friends of Wine and Savages” links have helped these fine folk get a few extra hits.
As we head into this new year, I’d like to bring the “Friends” list up to date. If you link Wine and Savages in your blog roll and I don’t have you listed as a friend of the blog, let me know. I’ll be happy to add you the list!
I would also humbly ask that if you are a fan of Wine and Savages and have not yet added me to your blog roll, please consider adding this blog to your blog roll. I thank you in advance for your consideration.
In these antagonistic days of RPG controversies, friends should stick together even more than before.



  1. You are quite welcome sir! Glad Give'em Lead is giving you some traffic. ;)

    1. I hope you've gotten a few hits from me as well !

  2. Great post! I didn't even know that I could link other blogs to my blogside, but I'm still pretty new at this. You've been added to my List of Awesomeness at! Happy New Year!


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