A Savage Worlds Setting Sketch
Yesterday on Google+, I wished that somebody else would write a Super Powers Companion-compatible science-fantasy sword and sorcery setting in the vein of Blackstar, He-Man and the Masters of the Universe, Crystar the Crystal Warrior, etc. Response was enthusiastic and – of course – my stupid brain immediately began churning out ideas.

Anyway, here’s some notes toward an SFS&S setting…


World of Wonders
A wondrous world
 Worlds have risen and worlds have died many times since the Cosmos was born. Now – one the far reaches of the Cosmos – a new world is in its birth pangs. Eden3 has been seeded by far-traveled, long-lost civilizations and now its barbarous inhabitants struggle to master the strange wonders their forebears left behind.
Though the orbiting supercomputer DeusMAX and its cadre of ARC-Angels were set in place to defend Eden3 from extraplanetary interference, a serpent has still come to this wondrous garden…

Probes from the Blight, a malevolent techno-organic empire, have breached DeusMAX’s defenses above the eastern continent of Sylvania, where they convert land and people into drones…
Blighted lands
Emissaries from the Blight – representing themselves as humanoid ambassadors of a foreign power, rather than the soulless constructs of an evil machine – have sown discord in the other lands of Eden3.
 They have sown the seeds of civil war amongst the Siliconoids of the Ringing Mountains…

And amidst the Thunder-Tamers of the southern continent of Primordia...
They have awakened an ancient evil in the northern lands of Feralia…
And uncovered hidden magic on the western continent of Millennia...
DeusMAX has responded by alerting the world’s natives through signs and portents, sending ARC-Angels as its messengers, and awakening heroes.
The fate of Eden3 is in the balance. Will you champion Good or Evil?
Design Notes
No Ersatz Good Guys
A pet peeve I have with a lot of settings inspired by unlicensed properties is that they stick in NPCs that take all the good parts. In every damned superhero setting, there’s always some NPC who’s already Superman, who’s already Batman, who’s already Wonder Woman. Cartoon Action Hour has its own pseudo-Masters of the Universe setting, but then ruins it by inserting its own version of He-Man.  Screw that. The players of the campaign should get to take those roles (if they want them). It might be helpful to include some character builds as examples, but they’ll be really, really generic examples like “World’s Strongest Man” or “Felinoid Noble.”
Bad guys, on the other hand, are fair game. I’m already thinking “Nekronomikus” for the Skeletor knock-off.
Race Build Packages
I figure a good way to help save time on building characters would be to put together some “races” as packages of powers. I can’t remember how many points Four-Color Heroes get, but I’d say take about a third of those to go to standardized races – Siliconoids, Felinoids, Weaponeers, etc. – and then the rest can be customized for individual characters. This might mean breaking some of the power-buying rules, but who really cares? I don’t.
(“Weaponeers” is my half-formed thought as to how to characterize She-Ra, He-Man, Blackstar, Thundarr, and most of their human friends. Most of them seem to have some kind of gimmick related to a weapon or piece of armor – like all of the above’s swords or Fisto’s big honkin’ glove – hence “Weaponeers.”)
Savage, Not Silly
As much as Eden3 may be inspired by a bunch of goofy toys, this wouldn’t be a saccharine-sweet setting. In this world, the heroes get to actually hit people with their magical swords and mighty fists. There would be peril and death and competent villains. You could – I suppose – run it as a kid-friendly setting, but that’s not how I would run it.


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