Victorian Adventure Wishlist

Ok, this is technically Edwardian, but you get the idea.

Sometimes this blog is a notepad, a place where I can jot down thoughts and characters I want to use.  This is one of those posts...

Robin and I just started a Victorian adventure campaign starring archaeologist (and occultist) Lady Atalanta Scarborough, and there’s a few things I’d like to hit:

  • Quincey P. Morris, vampire cowboy
  • Dracula (duh)
  • Young Dr. Henry Jones (Sr.)
  • Sherlock Holmes references but no appearances by the Great Detective himself (he’d be too insufferable); maybe Sebastian Moran, but not Moriarty; maybe Sherlock Holmes’ other brother (not Mycroft, it would be the theoretical third brother who inherited their father’s estates); definitely Lestrade.
  • A lost world story; I could actually tie this into the TimeBomb concept from MKST!!!, and come up with a pseudo-plausible explanation for cave men and dinosaurs.  Should I do Pleistocene mammals and dinosaurs together, or separately?  Separately, obviously.  With the Time Bomb, there's no reason to limit ourselves to one lost world.
  • A "wild man" in the Mowgli/Tarzan tradition, but a pastiche instead of one of those two, so I can work in my own wacky ideas.  What if the ape-man was literally half-ape (with the caveat, of course, that the apes aren't literally apes but rather shaggy hominids)?  He would still probably look a lot like Christopher Lambert...
  • Ruritania!  We've never touched on anything like the Ruritania plot in all our years of gaming.  (And then it turns out all the crowned heads of Eastern Europe are foreign imposters.)
  • A Fu Manchu pastiche more in line with the sympathetic model of Planetary's Hark (though I've always sympathized greatly with Fu Manchu).
  • Myōjin Yahiko, master of Hiten Mitsurugi-ryū, and Lady Snowblood.  Or not.  I have to try to keep Robin's character in the foreground; I'm running a game, not writing fan fiction.  Pastiche!  Pastiche! Pastiche!
  • "Zorro Jr."  Damn it, there I go again.
  • El Dorado.  I've got to find some excuse to get Lady Atalanta to the U.S..  Maybe lost Viking colonies, too?
  • Atlantis, but in a down-played, subtle way.
  • Werewolves 
  • Zenith the Albino
Edited to add:

Does 1890s Henry Jones look like:

The Great Train Robbery


Darby O'Gill and the Little People?



  1. Now I want to run a game like this. And a young Henry Jones Sr. would be closer to the Darby O'Gill look.

    1. "Darby O'Gill" seems to be the more popular choice.

  2. Wow, there's enough stuff there for years of gaming. Lovely! A definite Castle Falkenstein/League of Extraordinary Gentlemen vibe.

    My vote is for a "Great Train Robbery" Henry Jones. And the Chris Lambert "wild man" could get a Jekyl/Hyde gloss by having him appear in the campaign after being brought back from the wild and "civilized" but still be subject to violent or inappropriate outbursts...

    1. We game several nights a week and rarely roll dice, so I'll be lucky if this gets me through 3 months!

  3. What, no martians? (That's a joke.) Sounds like a lot of crazy fun and adventure there. Hope it all plays out well.


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