Additional Limbs [from Powerverse: The Super Hero Netbook]
1-Point/Level Quality

A character with this Quality has one additional limb per level. It is a fully functional limb or appendage which is not possessed by a normal human (such as prehensile tail, extra arms, etc.). Additional Limbs do not allow the character to take multiple actions.

Ambidextrous [from various sources]
3-Point/Level Quality

A character with this quality can take an additional action (Attack or Defense) with her off-hand (or alternate limb) in a Turn at no penalty.



Source: Dark Ages Mage Grimoire
Quick Cast: No.
Power Level: 6
Requirements: A cauldron or pot filled with water and brought to a slow bubble as the witch stirs the water and casts in rare herbs. If the fire beneath the pot is allowed to go out or the cauldron is spilled, the spell ends immediately.

A mermaid can cast the spell by using an underwater volcanic vent instead. Since these wont go out, the material ingredients needed instead are gems (not as easy to find in the ocean as herbs are on land) and the mermaid must sing a hymn to the gods of the sea affected (Calypso for the Caribbean, the Dragon-King for the Sea of Japan, etc.). This can attract attention in the dark depths of the sea floor.

Effect: A storm rises up to batter an area of the land or sea determined by the caster. The storm has 1 level of strength for every Success Level achieved (see Slayers of the Caribbean) and continues one hour for every Success Level; it affects 5 square mile of water per Success Level. Sailors who stay out in the storm to man the sails (as opposed to battening hatches and staying inside) suffer 3 x the casters Willpower bashing damage from wind and hail every hour for every level of strength the storm has above 2 (i.e. damage begins occurring at strength 3).

The witch has complete control over the scope of the storm. If shes feeling benevolent, it can be used to summon a light summer shower. If not, its hurricane time.

Aspect Analysis: Casting time/lengthy ritual (-1), scope/awesome (+6), duration/long but damage is slow (-1), duration/spell requirements/unusual ingredients or difficult use (-1), harm/major (+3).