I've rearranged things a bit.

To your left you will now find that my blog list is now "Friends of Wine and Savages;" my goal here is to highlight the blogs of my followers and frequent commenters.  Let me know if I've accidentally left you out -- and let me know if you've added me to your blogroll and I'll add you to mine.  (Thanks, Age of Ruins!)

At the bottom of the page, I've added four new blogroll widgets so I can keep track of things I like and more easily add them to my page.  In addition to the expected gaming and wine link lists, I've also added a catch-all pop culture category and another for Regency-related stuff.  These are honestly more for my use than anything else, but I encourage anyone who doesn't know about them to check out MightygodkingDotCom and Black Gate Magazine (I especially recommend the online novellette "The Duelist").

It doesn't take much to get promoted to "Friend of Wine and Savages."  Comment, link me (and let me know), whatever...

The ball's in your court, Wheaton.


  1. Done and done - I enjoyed your "Pirate appendix N" and must promote more swashbuckling and piracy in gaming at any turn. :)

  2. Updated! I'm happy to count you among the "Friends!"


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