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Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Rippers Resurrected Irregular Frameworks

Ripper Street
from left to right: aristocrat, doctor, detective, soldier, guttersnipe
Based on a conversation I had yesterday on Facebook with Tavis Hill, here's some frameworks for Irregulars inspired by some of the Character Concepts in Rippers Resurrected. With these packages, I went with the concept that Irregulars are ordinary folk caught up in the supernatural, not trained monster-fighters like long-term faction members; that's why the doctor/medical professional package doesn't revolve around the Surgeon Edge and its concentration on rippertech.

  • Bonus Skills: +1 die Notice, +2 dice Healing, Knowledge (Psychology), and Persuasion
  • Bonus Edges: Alienist 
  • Bonus Gear: book (blank), writing equipment, 4 doses of morphine

  • Bonus Skills: +1 die Intimidation (or Taunt), +2 dice Persuasion & Taunt (or Intimidation)
  • Bonus Edges: Noble or Rich, Socialite
  • Bonus Gear: bottle of champagne or wine, fine clothing

Cat Burglar/Gentleman Thief
  • Bonus Skills: +2 dice Climbing & Lockpicking, +3 dice Stealth
  • Bonus Edges: Thief 
  • Bonus Gear: grappling hook & line, leather satchel

  • Bonus Skills: +2 dice Survival & Throwing, +3 dice Riding
  • Bonus Edges: Beast Bond
  • Bonus Gear: riding horse & tackle

  • Bonus Skills: +1 die Notice, +3 dice Investigation & Streetwise
  • Bonus Edges: Investigator
  • Bonus Gear: toolkit (detective’s)

Doctor/Medical Professional
  • Bonus Skills: +1 die Notice, +3 dice Healing & Knowledge (Medicine)
  • Bonus Edges: Healer
  • Bonus Gear: toolkit (medical)

  • Bonus Skills: +1 die Streetwise, +2 dice Notice & Survival
  • Bonus Edges: Linguist, World Traveler
  • Bonus Gear: leather satchel, spyglass or field glasses, umbrella

  • Bonus Skills: +1 die Persuasion, +2 dice Stealth & Streetwise
  • Bonus Edges: Connections (bordello, criminal gang, union, etc.), Down-to-Earth
  • Bonus Gear: cheap clothing

  • Bonus Skills: +1 die Notice, +3 dice two Knowledge skills (humanities or sciences)
  • Bonus Edges: Scholar
  • Bonus Gear: 2 blank books, writing equipment

  • Bonus Skills: +1 die Notice, +2 dice Knowledge (Battle) & Survival
  • Bonus Edges: Combat Reflexes, Command
  • Bonus Gear: medals/decorations, service pistol, uniform
Penny Dreadful
from left to right: patchwork man, cowboy, guttersnipe, doctor, two aristocrats, and two explorers


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