Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Rippers Resurrected Irregular VENUS Packages

Ripper Street
from left to right: aristocrat, doctor, detective, soldier, guttersnipe
Based on a conversation I had yesterday on Facebook with Tavis Hill, here's some V.E.N.U.S. (Venturers, Experimenters, Navigators, and the Unusually Skilled) packages for Irregulars inspired by some of the Character Concepts in Rippers Resurrected. With these packages, I went with the concept that Irregulars are ordinary folk caught up in the supernatural, not trained monster-fighters like long-term faction members; that's why the doctor/medical professional package doesn't revolve around the Surgeon Edge and its concentration on rippertech.

  • Bonus Skills: +1 die Notice, +2 dice Healing, Knowledge (Psychology), and Persuasion
  • Bonus Edges: Alienist 
  • Bonus Gear: book (blank), writing equipment, 4 doses of morphine

  • Bonus Skills: +1 die Intimidation (or Taunt), +2 dice Persuasion & Taunt (or Intimidation)
  • Bonus Edges: Noble or Rich, Socialite
  • Bonus Gear: bottle of champagne or wine, fine clothing

Cat Burglar/Gentleman Thief
  • Bonus Skills: +2 dice Climbing & Lockpicking, +3 dice Stealth
  • Bonus Edges: Thief 
  • Bonus Gear: grappling hook & line, leather satchel

  • Bonus Skills: +2 dice Survival & Throwing, +3 dice Riding
  • Bonus Edges: Beast Bond
  • Bonus Gear: riding horse & tackle

  • Bonus Skills: +1 die Notice, +3 dice Investigation & Streetwise
  • Bonus Edges: Investigator
  • Bonus Gear: toolkit (detective’s)

Doctor/Medical Professional
  • Bonus Skills: +1 die Notice, +3 dice Healing & Knowledge (Medicine)
  • Bonus Edges: Healer
  • Bonus Gear: toolkit (medical)

  • Bonus Skills: +1 die Streetwise, +2 dice Notice & Survival
  • Bonus Edges: Linguist, World Traveler
  • Bonus Gear: leather satchel, spyglass or field glasses, umbrella

  • Bonus Skills: +1 die Persuasion, +2 dice Stealth & Streetwise
  • Bonus Edges: Connections (bordello, criminal gang, union, etc.), Down-to-Earth
  • Bonus Gear: cheap clothing

  • Bonus Skills: +1 die Notice, +3 dice two Knowledge skills (humanities or sciences)
  • Bonus Edges: Scholar
  • Bonus Gear: 2 blank books, writing equipment

  • Bonus Skills: +1 die Notice, +2 dice Knowledge (Battle) & Survival
  • Bonus Edges: Combat Reflexes, Command
  • Bonus Gear: medals/decorations, service pistol, uniform
Penny Dreadful
from left to right: patchwork man, cowboy, guttersnipe, doctor, two aristocrats, and two explorers


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