Friday, April 21, 2017

Mega Horror Powers

'Cause sometimes you're rooting for the lich.

The Savage Worlds Horror Companion contains a small selection of new powers appropriate for a horror setting – but what if you wanted a high-powered horror setting? The following are some options inspired by the Mega Powers of RIFTS® for Savage Worlds.
Banish Entity - Exalted Banish Entity
The caster may either target a single Wild Card entity for Power Points equal to the being’s Spirit die or target all Extra entities in a Large Burst Template.
Bind Entity - Greater Bind Entity
For twice the usual Power Point cost, duration increases to one week (5/one week).
Consecrate Ground – Blessed Sanctum
Duration increases to 1 hour and Power Points cost increases to 6 (1/hour).
Corpse Senses – Meat Puppet
Power Point cost increases to 5 (1/hour) but the caster can now control the undead’s actions and speak through it. Undead created by the necromancer obey commands issued by the meat puppet.
Drain Years – Drain Life
Power Points cost increases to 40 points. Any character that fails their Vigor roll dies of old age; Elderly characters make the roll at -2.
Enhance Undead – Exalted Enhance Undead 
Power Point cost increases to 6/undead; duration increases to 1 day or 1d4 days on a raise.
Grave Shroud – Greater Grave Shroud
Duration increases to 1 hour and Power Points cost increases to 4 (1/hour). A character knowingly subjected to this spell does not need to make a Fear test is she sees her own reflection.
Grave Speak – Secrets of the Grave
Power Point cost increases to 6 (2/round) but the spirit may not lie – unless the caster rolls a 1 on their arcane skill die, in which case the ability of the summoned spirit to lie replaces accidentally contacting a demon.
Nightmares – Dream Warrior
Power Point cost increases to 8, but the caster can now project himself into the target’s dream. The caster cannot control the laws of physics in the dream realm, but can use any other powers (like illusion) that would function in a comparable manner. While in the dream realm, the caster can enter combat with the dreamer; wounds – including Incapacitation – suffered by either party carry over to the physical world. 
Spirit Shield – Exalted Spirit Shield
Power Points cost increases to 6 (1/round) but the protected area increases to the size of a Large Burst Template and entities wishing to cross the threshold suffer a -2 to their Spirit rolls.
Strength of the Dead – Greater Strength of the Dead
Duration increases to 1 hour and Power Points cost increases to 10 (1/hour).
Summon Demon – Exalted Summon Demon
For twice the usual Power Point cost, the duration increases to Smarts x Days.
Summon Spirit – Greater Summon Spirit 
For twice the usual Power Point cost, the caster can either improve the circumstances of asking the spirit for information or make it easier to command to a task. In the former case, the following applies:
  • Failure: The Spirit roll to avoid Fatigue is made at -2.
  • Success: Anyone directly involved in the casting is not Fatigued after the spirit departs.
  • Raise: The Spirit answers five questions.
If summoned to perform a task, the spirit’s Spirit roll to resist the orders is at -2. 
Suppress Lycanthropy – Exalted Suppress Lycanthropy
Power Point cost increases to 12. When used to suppress one night’s transformation, success instead allows the lycanthrope self-control after the transformation. When used as a ritual to permanently control the curse, the subject may select to be permanently rid of the curse rather than control the transformation; if the caster fails, the lycanthrope only runs amok for 1d3 days.

1 comment:

  1. Looks great, but Drain Life seems over priced for a poor that would only ever really work on an extra.
    Perhaps make it a roll at -2 and -4 with a raise or reduce the cost?
    I cannot imagine spending 40 PPE for a less than 10% chance of success.


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