The King is Dead: Questions? Comments?

Do you have any comments, questions, reactions, or suggestions for The King is Dead? 

In my new-found mania for making separate pages on Wine and Savages, I’ve added a page for what I’ve written so far for The King is Dead.  Well, most of it anyway; it doesn’t contain the notes on vampire physiology and sexuality that accompany Libertines and Liberated.  I know that section needs work; in fact, I know I need to do a lengthy “Monster Ecology” section on vampire society.

What do you think of the material so far?  Keep in mind that everything I’ve written and posted thus far is “public brainstorming” – first draft, off the cuff, stream of consciousness stuff.  I’m not married to any of it; I’d just rather let the setting come to me organically and in piecemeal rather than force it into a rigid outline and form.  I’ve been pleasantly surprised by some of my discoveries – the Church of Sathaniel amuses me to no end and the Bloodstained Blade cracks me up – but I’m worried that I haven’t really captured the intended theme of the setting so far.  Knowing what others are thinking would help.

What do you want out of a Gothic revolutionary setting?  


  1. This is fantastic stuff; I definitely like the direction you're going with it and would play this in a heartbeat.

    As for rules, have you thought about what you could mine from other Savage Worlds settings? Regime Diabolique seems like a good place to steal from, especially since it has a system for alchemy you could hack alongside Weird Science. Solomon Kane likely has bits you could use as well.

    1. Thanks for the kind words. Your vote of confidence means a lot!

      I'll take a second look at introducing new rules for alchemy. The Fantasy Companion has some too that might be useful.

  2. I think this is a great setting you're cooking up here, with loads of ideas I very well may swipe. :) I think I might like to mash up The King is Dead with the City of Lichstadt ( from over at Dreams in the Lich House, and set the whole thing about another thousand years in the future for some Vampire Hunter D-style action. But I'd also be happy to play in the setting just as you've written it. So please, keep writing and posting it.

  3. Thanks, ninjasridingdinosaurs! Lichstadt was one of Beedo's great ideas (I wonder if it was an unconscious influence on The King is Dead?) and I've had Vampire Hunter D on the brain myself. Check out the Accursed RPG blog for more of something with a similar theme.


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