Jane Austen Playing Cards Kickstarter


Help fund the Jane Austen Playing Cards Kickstarter by JohnEric Ligon and I will finally write and publish a Savage Worlds setting book for Regency romance.

While we all know Savage Worlds is great for Fast! Furious! Fun! action-adventure, my personal experience is that it’s also great for games of dueling wits. I’ve kicked around ideas for Savaging the world of Regency romances for practically as long as I’ve been writing Wine and Savages, and now I’ve found a great reason to revive that project.

There’s a Kickstarter running for what would be the perfect Action Cards for such a setting – the Jane Austen Playing Cards by John EricLigon – but it’s only slightly over halfway to its goal with just over a week left to run. If all of y’all help get the Kickstarter funded, I will compile and rewrite my extensive Regency posts into a coherent mini-setting guide.

Included will be:
  •         An introduction to the history of the Regency and the tropes of Regency romance
  •         New Background and Social Edges
  •         Extended social conflict rules
  •         Regency romance adventure generators
  •         A full adventure for multiple players
  •         Two mini-plot point adventures for duet play – one for a hero and one for a heroine
  •         Advice on combining Regency romance with fantasy, horror, science fiction, and super powers
  •         Stats for allies and adversaries from history and the works of Jane Austen
  •         Pre-generated characters
  •         Figure flats

This supplement will be free to anyone who can provide proof that they’re a backer of the Kickstarter, but I’ll also be putting it on sale. Right now I’m projecting about 40 pages of content and a price point of about $4.50.

Two caveats, though.

First, I am in no way affiliated with the Jane AustenPlaying Cards Kickstarter and it’s the creators first project; I can in no way be held responsible for any failure on the part of John Eric Ligon in fulfilling the Kickstarter. With that said, I’m a backer too, so if it doesn’t pan out then I’m also up a creek – but Mr. Ligon is an associate dean at the University of North Texas and most of the project is designed and ready to go the printers, so I doubt there will be any problems.

Second, I will aim to complete the book by the end of October, hopefully coinciding close to the release of the cards, but IF SOME MAJOR NEW PROJECT COMES UP (which could possibly happen), then I will be obliged to prioritize that project. If that happens, then the Regency book will be ready by Christmas. Right now, I’ve got adventures sitting with the editors for Adamant Entertainment, Buccaneer: Through Hell & High Water, and Savage Worlds Explorer. Robin and I are also working on an adventure for Rifts® for Savage Worlds for the Explorer (which we’ll probably finish in the next week or so) and we may be required to edit or rewrite our contributions to the Rifts® books in progress. With that said, we’ve been kicking around the idea for a series of mini-setting books for a year or so, and the Regency book is a great place to start.

I’ve pledged at the $26 level for two decks of cards (perfect for Savage Worlds), but I’ll give away the book to anyone who pledges just $1 or more. Keep in mind, though, that no one gets the book unless the Kickstarter succeeds – and we’ve only got until 6:15PM CDT on Wednesday, August 16th to get it funded! 


  1. Funded. What address should I forward my confirmation email to in order to get onto the list? I have been duet gaming with my wife and she's an Austen fan, so I had been compiling your relevant blog posts. But having them all together in one coherent product would be nice.

    1. Hold on to your information for now. I'm afraid I'll just lose it if I start gathering info before the book is done.

  2. I also need to know where to send my confirmation email.

    1. As above, hold on to your information for now. I'm afraid I'll just lose it if I start gathering info before the book is done.


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