The King is Dead: Poetry

From Robin

Poetry often overshadowed fiction during the 18th century, so I decided to add poems into The King is Dead. This is one of the first poems, written from a vampire's point of view.

A devotion of body and soul

Wait, my love, for the moon to rise,
Your breath, hold fast til break of night;
Await my kiss and do not sigh
For I come out by evenins’ light.

Your supple skin is pure and soft,
A warmth to lure me close, and oft
I dream to touch and to caress
Your neck’s faint bend, where I may rest.

For my heart aches and pounds in time,
With the rhythm of your pure heart,
And with my lips I reach to find
The very place our bond does start.

And with a sigh, our souls do touch;
My lips will part, and without much
You give to me what I most need:
To me, you live; for me, you bleed. 


  1. Nice job. I like adding poetry into campaigns. I'd probably do that more if I were a better poet.

    1. On Robin's behalf, thanks! I kind of suck at formal, Western poetic styles myself.


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