Savage Rifts® X Fairy Tail: Madōshi (魔導士) VENUS Package

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“It weren’t like that pink-haired Burster and his cat were the only problem… Yeah, I’ll get back to him, but like I said, the two of ‘em weren’t the only problem.
“Like I said…
“Listen, kid, I know you’re curious about the Burster, but I want you to understand that my pals and I didn’t get our asses handed to us by just some kid and his cat. They had friends.
“There was this naked guy throwing ice at us – and this half-naked chick with a minotaur in tow – and this gal in armor. Jebus wept, she was scarier than the pink-haired guy.”

– Derek Platt, former rogue Glitter Boy pilot

MADŌSHI V.E.N.U.S. (Venturers, Experimenters, Navigators, and the Unusually Skilled) PACKAGE


The powerful spellcasters of Earth Land – called madōshi (魔導士) in their own world, but known on Rifts® Earth as mages or wizards – have studied the magic of their world with all the intensity and devotion of any masters of magic. In doing so, they have discovered how to tap deep into a person’s Potential Psychic Energy, but this does not make all of them the equal of Ley Line Walker or Mystic. 

All Earth Land madōshi belong to a guild where they receive food, lodging, and employment opportunities. In the wake of the Alvarez invasion and the world-changing deployment of Irene Belserion’s World Reconstruction Magic: Universe One, several minor guilds have found themselves transported through the rifts. 
  • Begin with Knowledge (Arcana) d6 and Spellcasting d8
  • Begin with the Arcane Background (Magic) and Connections (Guild) Edges
  • Begin with 20 PPE.
  • Begin with the starting gear of any one Iconic Framework of your choosing.
New Trappings
Air or wind magic infuses magic with effects as diverse as the ever-changing weather.
  • Breeze: A brisk breeze gives wings to the subject’s feet. Fly and speed gain an additional 2” of movement, while a raise with quickness allows the caster to redraw any initiative cards lower than Ten. 
  • Hurricane: Attacks based on concentrated air alone do one type less damage and defensive powers grant half as much protection, but hurricane-based powers force the caster’s enemies to stand strong against gale-force winds. The target of an offensive power or an opponent attacking the wielder of a defensive power must make an opposed Strength roll against the caster’s arcane skill roll; if the enemy fails, the caster may choose from one of the Push effects outlined under Situational Combat Rules (substituting flying debris for the shield in a Shield Bash).
Celestial Spirit
Summoned spirits act on behalf of the madōshi; this particular form of magic can be very flexible, as it allows the caster to build up a large roster of free-willed allies, but it is particularly draining and requires the madōshi to not only have special keys allowing access to these spirits, but to make contracts with them. These allies are unique beings, and the Game Master and player should work together to give them individual descriptions and personalities. Celestial spirits are banished to their home dimension when defeated on the mortal plane.
  • Lesser Ally: For the cost of +3/1 Power Points, the power is embodied in a free-willed ally – a spiritual creature who takes physical form in this plane (use the bodyguard template from the summon ally power) – leaving the spellcaster free in subsequent rounds to take any action she sees fit (like running and hiding). The spellcaster must pay any points for subsequent uses of this power (including maintenance costs) from her own PPE.
  • Greater Ally: As Lesser Ally, but the cost is +5/1 Power Points and the summoned spirit uses the sentinel template from summon ally.
Metal and stone trappings infuse powers with the toughness of steel or hardiness of granite.
  • Armor Plating: Powers with a duration longer than instant (armor, quickness, smite, etc.) grant an additional +2 Armor at the cost of +2 Power Points; unarmed foes striking an opponent so defended take 1d4 damage from bruising their fists. 
  • Shards: Ranged attacks can splinter on impact, creating shrapnel that does +1 damage versus unarmored targets but -1 damage versus foes with Armor.
Rather than wielding magic directly from their own body, a requip madōshi summons armor and weapons from extraplanar pockets to utilize powers contained in those objects. Whenever a wizard learns a new power, they must choose whether that power will be tied to a weapon or a suit of armor. Power points to activate the powers are paid out of the mage’s personal PPE.
  • Armor: For Power Points equal to the armor value of the type of armor summoned (+1 Power Point for leather through +3 for plate), the power is incarnated in a suit of armor that instantly encases the spellcaster. Even if the power in question has an instantaneous duration, the armor remains as long as the mage does not use a different spell.
  • Weapon: The power is activated through a weapon the madōshi may summon directly to her hand(s). The weapon has all of the normal properties of that weapon in addition to the power contained therein; the power may be activated by using mage’s Fighting, Shooting, or Throwing skill as appropriate. Even if the power in question has an instantaneous duration, the weapon remains (and may be used as a mundane weapon) as long as the mage does not use a different spell.
Madōshi Edges
Magical Adept
Requirements: Novice, Arcane Background (Magic), Fighting d8+, Spellcasting d8+
To the surprise of many, the madōshi of Earth Land have learned to hone their bodies as effectively as the religious Adepts of other worlds. This Edge functions the same as Adept from Savage Worlds, requiring a background in Magic rather than Miracles.
Requip Master
Requirements: Seasoned, Trapping Specialist (Requip), Spellcasting d10+ 
Your mastery of requip magic allows you to wear requipped armor and wield a requipped weapon at the same time. Activating an armor and weapon in the same round does not impose a multi-action penalty. They still impose the normal penalties on arcane skill rolls  for purposes of maintaining powers.
Second Origin
Requirements: Veteran, Arcane Background (Magic), Exceptional Rapid Recharge, Master of Magic, Spellcasting d10+
For every time the character takes or has taken the Power Points Edge, the character gains +10 PPE instead of +5. 
Trapping Specialist
Requirements: Novice, Arcane Background (Magic)
Choose a trapping (air, celestial spirit, fire, cold/ice, requip, etc.). All of your hero’s powers use that trapping. While this limits their flexibility to some degree, it also grants them increased control; the hero does not suffer from Backlash.   
New Power
Third Origin Release
Rank: Legendary
Power Points: 10
Range: Touch
Duration: Instant
A power related to time-manipulation magic, third origin release allows the caster to let the target tap into potential Power Points from the future. The willing recipient of third origin release gains Power Points or PPE equal to twice their normal maximum value – but once those Power Points are spent, they can never regain Power Points again, effectively ending their career as a spellcaster. Needless to say, this power is usually used only as a last resort.

EDIT: Changed Second Origin completely.


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