Savage Rifts® X Fairy Tail: Devil Slayers and God Slayers

Sky God Slayer Sherria Blendy (left) vs Sky Dragon Slayer Wendy Marvell (right)

"We ran like hell after those crazy kids told us to skedaddle. Damn our luck, but the rift we came through had closed up. We thought for sure that we were stuck in that crazy dimension.

"Then we spotted the telltale blue-white glow down in a forested valley a couple of days out from that city. We rushed there as soon as we could and were struck dumb by the sight.

"One guy.

"One guy slaughtering wave after wave of demons. Freezing them in place and shattering them with a single blow. Cascades and walls of purple ice trapping dozens at a time...

"When he was done and the way was safe, we humbly dragged our tired and broken bodies through the rift and back to our Earth."

- Derek Platt, former rogue Glitter Boy pilot

Though the origins of the magical schools called Devil Slayer and God Slayer Magic are obscure (possibly pointing to origins more ancient than Dragon Slayer Magic), what does seem self-evident is that both forms are supplements to the normal path of knowledge traveled by most madōshi rather than a separate tradition like the magic of Dragon Slayers. One need only look to the examples of Silver and Gray Fullbuster (two talented but relatively normal madōshi who attained knowledge of Devil Slayer Magic) or Sherria Blendy (who taught herself God Slayer Magic from a book) to see that Devil and God Slayer Magic are more closely related to the standard traditions than Dragon Slayer Magic (which requires either instruction from a dragon or a Dragon Slayer Magic lacrima).

Because of this, Devil Slayer and God Slayer Magic are presented as a tree of interrelated Edges, rather than as separate Paradigmatic Frameworks. Furthermore, since the actual effects of both forms of magic are nearly identical, these Edges are presented as separate trappings of the same base Edges.

Devil Slayer/God Slayer Magician
Requirements: Seasoned, Arcane Background (Magic), Trapping Specialist (elemental trapping), Spellcasting d10+
The mage can infuse their specialized trapping (which must be an “element” like air, cold, or fire rather than an “object” such as celestial spirit or requip magic) with Devil Slaying or God Slaying power. In the case of Devil Slayers, this suffuses the element with a purplish hue, while God Slayers’ element gains a black corona; Devil Slayers also manifest tattoo-like black markings, which some sages claim are a sign of their impending corruption. The Devil or God Slayer becomes immune to their element, and offensive powers gain +2 damage to targets fitting the appropriate “devil” or “god” description.

Because the element generated by the Devil or God Slayer is blended with Devil or God Slaying power, it no longer counts as that element for Dragon Slayers’ Dragon Stomach or Elemental Immunity features. Instead, a Dragon Slayer who is normally immune to that element receives half damage from the Devil or God Slayer’s attacks (as if it was the Dragon Slayer’s chosen related element) and the Dragon Slayer cannot devour the element as long as the Dragon Slayer holds any PPE generated from normal versions of the element.

Improved Devil Slayer/God Slayer MagicianRequirements: Veteran, Devil Slayer/God Slayer Magician, Spellcasting d12+
The Devil Slayer or God Slayer gains the ability to ingest her element in a fashion similar to a Dragon Slayer.

A Devil or God Slayer on Hold who succeeds in interrupting an opponent attacking with the wizard’s element may instead devour that attack, converting the damage dealt to PPE. A Devil or God Slayer may also make an unarmed attack against an inanimate object of her element, eating the damage dealt to the object as PPE (see Breaking Things in Savage Worlds for information on attacking inanimate objects). Devil and God Slayers may not consume their element if it was created by their own magic.

The Devil or God Slayer also gains 2 points of Arcane Resistance to powers utilized by a devil or god as per the slayer’s chosen foe.

Devil Slayer Rage/God Slayer Bellow
Requirements: Seasoned, Devil Slayer/God Slayer Magician, Vigor d8+
The Devil or God Slayer learns to roar forth a punishing cyclone of their element. This cyclone does 4d6 Damage in a Cone Template, costs no PPE, and does Mega Damage. The slayer may impose a -2 on opponents’ Dexerity rolls to avoid damage by spending 1 PPE or -4 for 2 PPE (the bonus is doubled for the same cost when on a ley line).

Killer Devil Slayer/God Slayer
Requirements: Veteran, Improved Devil Slayer/God Slayer Magician
The slayer improves their effectiveness against their chosen foe. The Devil or God Slayer adds +2 to Spellcasting rolls when battling either devils or gods and gains an additional +2 Arcane Resistance against his chosen foe (for a total of +4).

Devil Slayer Gray Fullbuster


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