Supporting Steamscapes: Asia = Supporting The King is Dead

There are many, many good reasons to support the Steamscapes: Asia Kickstarter, but I would like to point out one specific reason that might appeal to the readers of this blog: the more money the Steamscapes: Asia Kickstarter makes, the sooner you get The King is Dead.

Quite apart from any discussions Eric Simon and I may or may not be having about Four-in-Hand Games publishing The King is Dead, the simple fact is that I plan to use the money I make from writing for Steamscapes: Asia to pay for production costs (like art) on The King is Dead.  Therefore, the sooner I get paid my Steamscapes money, the quicker I can produce a finished The King is Dead product.

The Kickstarter has been stuck at a bit less than halfway funded for a few days now.  I’m not really worried, because this seems to be typical for lower-tier Kickstarters, but I’d like to see some forward momentum soon.  What else can I do (in my completely unofficial capacity as a writer for the book) to persuade you – my readers  – to contribute?  Do you want character archetypes in the mold of “Savage Worlds Martial Artists Aren’t All the Same?”  Do you want a free adventure?  Do you want insights into Steamscapes’ Japan?  Do you want the rough draft The King is Dead’s player primer?  Let me know!

P.S. I’ve been buried in work for Savage Insider for the last week and a half.  12,000 words in-between my job and… um… “research expeditions” for Robin’s blog.  I’m not positive it will all appear in the issue due at the end of this month, but if it does all get in, then you’re getting some grindhouse, some swashbuckling, and some wuxia in a few weeks.


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