Setting Sketch: Miyamoto Academy Combatters


Fight for your honor!
Fight for your humanity!

Honnouji Academy from Kill la Kill
True Cross Academy from Blue Exorcist
Miyamoto Reformatory Academy looms on a hill above the bustling Tokyo suburb of Musashi City. A towering mishmash of Baroque, Brutalist, and Gothic architecture, it is a fortress subjugating the city below. The students and faculty of Miyamoto Academy are held in reverence and dread by the town folk, appeased and feared like rampaging gods.   Miyamoto Reformatory Academy is home to the worst delinquents and most sadistic teachers in all of Japan, the preternatural fighters known as Combatters.
Statue of Miyamoto Musashi
Fueled by the Five Elements of Power – magic, miracles, psionics, super powers, and weird science – Combatters have emerged from the youth of the world since the 1950s, increasing in number as the decades have progressed until they threaten the world with their inhuman fury and strength.  The United Nations Security Council established the Reformatory Academy program in the 1980s, creating quarantine schools where teenaged Combatters could battle amongst themselves under the watchful eyes of mature Combatters who have learned to control their powers and rage.  Now, as a new and idealistic generation of Combatters are inducted into Miyamoto Academy, the Reformatory Academy program itself faces challenges from within and without.

The new students come from all walks of life, but all are marked by the strange powers and uncontrollable fighting spirit of Combatters.  One might be an A student who has dabbled in the mystic arts to boost her grades while another might be a dropout who is the reincarnation of a Buddhist warrior monk.  The class president might be a powerful mentalist who uses his psionic powers to dominate the class.  One pair of rivals might be a second-generation superhero and a genius inventor who fight over the affections of the most innocent girl in school.  All of them, though, have been forced to attend the mysterious and terrifying Miyamoto Reformatory Academy and must discover its secrets to survive to graduation.

Who are the shadowy forces that seek to use the Reformatory Academies to their own ends?  What secrets will the new students discover about their powers?  Where will the trials of tournaments of Academy life lead their destinies? Why does the future of all mankind rest on the shoulders of these children?  How will the purity of youth defeat the compromises of age?


Miyamoto Academy Combatters is a tournament fighting setting for Savage Worlds inspired by such high school manga and anime as Bleach, Blue Exorcist, Cromartie High School, Great Teacher Onizuka, Kill la Kill, Project A-ko, Ranma ½, Revolutionary Girl Utena, and Tenjho Tenge.

Requires: Savage Worlds Deluxe

Compatible with: Fantasy, Horror, and Sci-Fi Companions OR Super Powers Companion.

Player characters are students at the Academy who have just transferred in at the beginning of the school year.  All player characters receive an Arcane Background (Magic, Miracles, Psionics, Super Powers, or Weird Science) for free (or the Super Powers Companion version of Super Powers as per that book).  As infamous delinquents, all player characters begin at Seasoned. 

New Setting Rule: Psyche-Out

Combatters challenge their foes head-on.  Every fight begins with a Social Combat in which the Combatters may attempt to psyche each other out.  Players should role-play out the exchange of insults and boasts; for every on of their opponent’s Hindrances they manage to invoke, the players gain a bonus to their social attack roll (+2 for a Major Hindrance and +1 for a Minor Hindrance).  The winner of the Social Combat may choose to either have her opponent begin the fight Shaken or begin the fight with a Wild Attack that leaves her opponent with a reduced Parry; the winner of the Social Combat may choose the result after initiative cards are dealt.
Kill la Kill
Blue Exorcist
Project A-Ko


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