A Thing I Wrote is Published!

Savage Insider Vol. 2 Issue 1 is now available at DrivethruRPG!  

As the description says:
This issue of Savage Insider marks the debut of Volume 2, now published by Obatron Productions. We're passionate about Savage Worlds and want to share that with you. Originally envisioned as a 48-page issue, our new format garnered an overwhelming response, allowing us to increase the size by more than 50%. The theme is Rebirth and Reinvention, and it is threaded throughout all the pieces, which can be used across genres.

What's in It for You

  • A Special Address from Clint Black on Behalf of Pinnacle Entertainment Group
  • Two Great Adventures + a Surveyed (between the three you get multiple maps and THREE pages of minis)
  • Two Features on Mechanics
  • Other Returning Favorites: Designer's Diary, Game Prep, Character Gallery, Equipment Corral
  • Exclusive First Appearances
  • Two Discounts: A $5 coupon from Pinnacle Entertainment Group and 33% discount from StoryWeaver
  • Information on Recent Releases and Upcoming Releases, plus Convention Connection
  • Lower Percentage of Advertisements Than Most Popular Magazines
  • Live Links from Table of Contents and Text
We can't wait to hear what you think of this issue. Buy it now and put it to use at your next game.
I wrote one of those "features on Mechanics!"  Woo-hoo!

The article could have been titled "I Hate the Climbing Skill and Wish it Would Die," but I expanded it into a more nuanced peace that argues the case that other Skills in Savage Worlds can be just as optional as Guts.  It might actually be a little controversial and get me yelled at by rules lawyers.

If you'd like to support my burgeoning writing career, please follow one of my affiliate links and buy Savage Insider Vol. 2 Issue 1 "Rebirth and Reinvention" at DrivethruRPG!


  1. I'll buy one for your article if you buy one for mine. :-D

    1. (whispers) I Got a free copy. Didn't you? :)

  2. Sweet! Purchased. Also: now that I know about the Savage Insider, I'll have to start filling in the back issues...

    1. Thanks! I sheepishly admit that I need to catch up on the past issues too.


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