A Brief Interruption

Last Wednesday, I got up at 5:30, drank some coffee, did a bunch of house cleaning and errands, wrote about half of my first draft outline for my chapter of Steamscapes: Asia and a blog entry, and was frazzled for the entire rest of the week.  Yesterday, slept in, did the same amount of house cleaning and errands, wrote a couple of paragraphs on the outline, did some desperately-needed work on the new duet campaign, and feel much better physicially even though I regret not getting more work done.  Hmm...

Sesshoumaru is our favorite.

Robin wanted a break from playing heroes who are weaker than their opponents, so she requested we basically do an InuYasha game.  This took me completely by surprise, so it really stumbled for several sessions -- but then I remembered that I have Kitsunemori, a D20 setting that's pretty heavily inspired by InuYasha, and things have been going better.  We're using Savage Worlds Super Powers Companion for the rules.   


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