The King is Dead: Some Edges

Ben Franklin totally had the Eureka! Edge

Blood Immunity
Weird, Novice
You are immune to the effects of drinking vampire and dunpeal blood.  You cannot gain any boost to Strength and Vigor from drinking it, but you also cannot become addicted to it as is the fate of most moroi.

Professional, Legendary, AB: Weird Science, Knowledge (Science) d10+, Weird Science d10+.
Your experiments in harnessing the powers of science have tamed one of your wild experiments into a practical, replicable form.  One of your inventions can now be manufactured as a mundane device.  Building such devices costs $500 for each power point of the invention; how much you choose to sell them for is entirely up to you.

No Scent
Weird, Novice
You produce no body odor, no matter how odiferous your diet.  This allows you to consume garlic – making the taste of your blood repellant to vampires -- without giving away your intent.  Not having any body odor, however, is actually subtly off-putting to most people; you suffer a -1 to Charisma.

Social, Heroic, Charismatic Seasoned, Charisma +2
You can charm even your enemies.  The standard Persuasion rules limit moving an NPC’s reaction by a maximum of two steps in a single encounter; you can move it up to three steps.  GMs should apply situational modifiers to the roll as appropriate and adjudicate results sensibly; a vampire discovering a character deflowering his virgin bride might be amused by the character’s daring and adopt him as a “pet,” but if you’ve just tried to stake a vampire, then the best you can hope for is that the vampire will decide to take you alive in order to hand you over to the authorities.
Poison Resistance
Weird, Novice
You have an innate or trained tolerance for poisons.  This is reflected as either a +2 bonus to rolls to resist all poisons or a +4 bonus against a specific poison.  Particularly daring rebels will deliberately dose themselves with deadly wolfsbane, knowing that this preternatural plant will actually poison any vampire that feeds on them. 

(Yes, I know undead in Savage Worlds are immune to disease and poison.  The 1931 Dracula makes wolfsbane repellant to vampires, so in The King is Dead that idea is expanded into blood intoxicants and poisons.  I’ll get into the mechanics sometime when I can refer to a rulebook.)


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