The King is Dead: I'm Stumped

The recent slowdown in posts was caused by a mix of increased job duties related to the government shutdown, an attack of self-pity caused by my fortieth birthday, and a little bit of old-fashioned writer’s block (which is why I happily turned to the interviews for a bit).  The first two problems are now past, but I’m still struggling with the writer’s block so I’m putting out a call for requests.

Is there anything you would like me to write about The King is Dead? 
·         Mallean or Colonial history?
·         Details about any secret societies?
·         Secrets of the Church of Sathaniel?
·         Customs and society?
·         Magic and the supernatural?

Seriously, I’ll be happy to give anything a go.  My brain needs a jumpstart.

In the meantime, Jack Shear has discovered that Wizards of the Coast already did the whole “tricorn hats and Gothic horror” thing a few years ago.  Damn them!  Thankfully, they don't have any guns.


  1. How about some setting-specific Edges, Powers, and maybe ritual magic for Savage Worlds? I find that takes a different kind of creativity than the world-building stuff. It might be good exercise for your brain.

    Of what you listed, I think more about magic and the supernatural sounds good to me, followed by secrets of Sathaniel's church.

    Keep at it!

    1. I realize that I haven't considered magic in Malleus much at all. I'll get to work on that. Thanks!


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