Picpoul Blanc

It has taken me a long time to open up to white wines. My early exposure to them was dominated by really sweet varieties and my palate revolted against them. Over the last couple of years, though, I've begun enjoying them much more.

Dry whites can be incredibly refreshing. Right now I'm at Bending Branch Winery's Kentucky Derby party drinking their Picpoul Blanc. The Texas heat is beginning in earnest, but I'm feeling cool.

The Picpoul Blanc is high in acidity with a refreshing tang. It's also called "lip-stinger" and well deserves the name. A sip of Picpoul Blanc is a kiss from a flirtatious teenage girl teasing an older man; I'm reminded of an incident from an anime convention where a group of young cosplayers were on a kiss-scavenger hunt. I refused, of course, but I'm glad I now have wine instead.

Also, my wife's Derby chapeau is awesome.


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