Wine and Savages Team Now Co-Lead Developers for Savage Rifts®

While most interested parties already know this, Robin English-Bircher and I have combined forces with Sean Roberson as Lead Developers for Pinnacle Entertainment Group’s Rifts® for Savage Worlds line. This is, bluntly, the biggest, most awesome thing that has happened in our short RPG careers and we intend to bring all the dedication and creativity we can muster to this role. As Pinnacle CEO Shane Hensley stated in a recent update to the Savage Rifts® Kickstarter:

Hi friends!

We've been talking a bit about the upcoming Savage Rifts® books on our Facebook page and the Savage Rifts® Facebook page and thought we should point it out to you…          
The short version for those who don't want to hunt down the threads is that three new books are in layout now and we hope to launch them later this year once art, approvals, and a bit more playtesting are in place. 
Wanna know what they are? Here you go!
  • Rifts® North America: Empires of Humanity
  • Rifts® North America: Blood & Banes
  • Rifts® North America: Arcana & Mysticism
We'll tell you more about them soon, including what's inside and where we'll focus next!
We've also secured a new team to take over management of the line and speed things along a little faster, including Sean Roberson, Sean Bircher, and Robin Bircher, whom some of you may have seen host the Savage Rifts® panel at the recent Chupacabracon game convention in beautiful Austin, Texas!
The three of us took over as head writers and editors on Empires of Humanity and Blood & Banes last year—Roberson heading EoH and us taking over B&B—while Robin and I also wrote at least a quarter of Arcana & Mysticism. The books are coming along swimmingly; I personally hope to engage in some of that playtesting in the next few weeks, as I really want to see some more people’s reactions to some of the new Iconic Frameworks and M.A.R.S. options.

For all three of us, this is our big break. Trust us to pour all our energy and excitement into Savage Rifts®. We want you to have as much fun playing it as we aare having developing it.


  1. Feeling very good about this. You'll be amazing.

    1. Thanks Sean Fannon! And very well put, Sean Bircher. I am very excited to share this opportunity with you and Robin!

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