The King is Dead: DHAMPIR

The second The King is Dead adventure (which was supposed to be the first) is now available!

In an 18th century that never was, the island nation of Malleus writhes under the thumb of an aristocracy of vampires. A coalition of secret societies fights from the shadows to drag theses oppressors burning into the light, but the alliance is young and in dire need of a weapon that can turn the tide against the vampires and their forces.

Word comes to a cabal of heroes that Lady Clarimonde yearns for freedom from the tyranny of her debauched and cruel father, the Baron Drachenholm. Thankfully for her, she possesses the means to pay for her freedom: the Sanguinem Maledicta, a cure for the curse of vampirism!


The heroes must dare the deadly labyrinth of Mallean high society to discretely win the lady her freedom – but can they trust Lady Clarimonde herself? She is, after all, no human gentlewoman but rather the child of mortal and undead – a DHAMPIR!
  • New Hindrances!
  • New Edges!
  • New Equipment!
  • A modular adventure that can be resolved in one session or expanded into a mini-campaign!

The King is Dead: DHAMPIR requires the Savage Worlds rules to play.

The journey down the long and rocky road toward completing The King is Dead leaps leagues ahead with the publication of this pseudo-prequel to VARGR. Whereas that adventure took the heroes into the deadly Mallean countryside, this places them in the even more deadly cityscape of Hammerstadt, the vampire capital. Writing this adventure really helped us work out a lot of issues with mechanics and tone, and we expect work on the setting book to proceed much swifter now.

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