Thursday, October 20, 2016

New Edge: Improvisational Defender

I just did a Google search for "Jackie Chan chair"

Robin and I are pretty shortly going to be starting a wuxia/xianxia duet campaign using Zhàndòu: City of Warriors (the martial arts setting I created for Savage Insider Vol. 2, Issue 2). My mind keeps straying toward one of the characters being a Jackie Chan-style drunken boxer, and it suddenly occurred to me that while the improvised weapon rules were great for the way so many of Chan's characters use the world around them as weapons against their enemies, there didn't seem to be a way to handle how his films also use found objects for defense.

Somebody's probably done this in some third-party supplement, but maybe not. Enjoy!

Improvisational Defender
Requirements: Seasoned, Improvisational Fighter, Fighting d8+

When wielding an improvised weapon, the hero may elect as a free action to use the weapon as a shield to absorb damage from a successful attack. Doing so renders the improvised weapon useless as either a shield or weapon regardless of whether or not the hero is Shaken or takes a Wound from the attack.

Improvised weapons add Toughness based on their size. Small improvised weapons add +1 Armor, medium improvised weapons add +2 Armor, and large improvised weapons add +3 Armor.

Follow the links to buy a copy of Savage Insider Vol. 2, Issue 2! I wrote close to half the issue and it's still some of my favorite stuff I've done.


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