Muppets -- New Race for 5e


Some strange worlds are blessed (or cursed) with a magical mutation that causes random creatures – bears, chickens, dogs, pigs, and even humanoids – to be born fashioned of cloth and felt rather than flesh. A pair of normal, fleshy humans might give birth to a puppet-like child or a single tadpole out of a clutch of hundreds of eggs might grow up to be a sentient and floppy. These beings are known as Muppets.

(Some worlds – like the planet Thra – seem to be entirely populated by Muppets. Such worlds and the unique Muppet species that dwell there are beyond the scope of this article.)

Muppet Traits

Ability Score Increase: Your Charisma score increases by 2.

Alignment: While Muppets can be found of any alignment, their magically-infuse nature inclines most to Chaos.

Languages: You speak Common and any one language of your choice. Muppets do not have a tongue of their own, but instead use the language of whatever culture they are born into or adopts them.

Size: see below

Speed: Your walking speed is 30 feet.

Floppy: The cloth flesh of Muppets grants them resistance to bludgeoning and thunder damage.

Muppet Moppets

The vast majority of Muppets are small, essentially humanoid creatures. Many of these are anthropomorphic beasts (such as frogs, lizards, otters, and dozens of other species) while others are furry and vaguely monstrous. The majority, however, are of human extraction – though their skin tones range all across the spectrum. The physical characteristics of Muppet moppets remain the same despite their appearance.

Ability Score Increase: Your Agility and Intelligence scores increase by 1.

Size: Small

Lucky: When you roll a 1 or an ability check or saving throw, you can reroll the die but must use the new result.

Talented: You are proficient in the Performance skill and one instrument of your choice.

Muppet Monsters

Some Muppets, however, are large, bulky, frightening creatures. The heads of these Muppet monsters tend to be oversized, meaning that while their bodies are only as large as a large human, their height can be several feet taller. 

Ability Score Increase: Your Strength score increases by 2.

Size: Medium 

Siege Monster: You deal double damage to objects and structures.

Powerful Build: You count as one size larger when determining your carrying capacity and the weight you can push, drag, or lift.


  1. I do a pretty serviceable Kermit, and a friend is planning to run a 5e game in the new year. Hmmmm...

    1. I can sing like Kermit, but I don't really have any other Muppet voices down pat.


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