A Turkey Day's Eve Ramble

I’m stretched thin between my day job and non-blog writing (some of which is actual work-for-hire), so my attempts to form any coherent blog post are coming to naught. Whenever that happens, it’s time for bullet points!

All I wanted from Captain America III was MODOK, and now I'm stuck with Iron Man instead.
  • Have you heard that creator Joel Hodgson is raising money to fund a new season of Mystery Science Theater 3000? If you’re in my social media circles, then I can assure you that you have! I’d apologize for the shilling on Joel’s part, but MST3K was a seminal influence on my life. I would eagerly give $10,000 to be one of those guys who gets to pitch a riff, but I don’t have that kind of money. Instead, I’ll beg that if you ever enjoyed Joel or Mike, please dig into your wallets and give $35 (at least that way you get some episodes to download).
  • I’m blowing off watching the Captain America: Civil War trailer online because I’d rather see it in the theater – and I’m still mad that it’s not just Steve and Sam driving around in a van fighting MODOK while looking for Bucky.
  • I’m also not interested in Jessica Jones right now. I might get to it after the holiday anxiety season. I'd rather fight off my problems by watching shows about wizards who punch things with fire than watch a superheroine with PTSD.
  • Dammit, I don’t have the time to go see Victor Frankenstein. I’ve got to save my precious time out of the house for Star Wars and wine.
  • Every time I say “I need to run a pre-generated campaign so I can save my brain energy for writing,” I wind up making up a campaign on the run instead. Right now it’s a supernatural 1970s thing and soon it’s going to be a fairy tale-ish “Realms-shattering event.” I either need someone else to write some campaigns with strong romance elements or I need to get paid to write them full-time myself.
  • I know there’s at least one Pathfinder Adventure Path with a whole “relationship tracker” thingamabob. A moment ago I found myself thinking “I hate Pathfinder,” but it’s the system I hate, not the setting. Since I’m playing D&D 5e anyway, what could it hurt to try adapting a Pathfinder AP? It shouldn't be difficult. All I'd need to do is swap around some stats.
  • No, the 1970s game isn’t 5e. It’s Savage Worlds. We barely ever roll any dice anyway. Heck, the magic has veered off into Mage: The Ascension territory.
  • For those who know me, yes, I meant “fairy tale” and not “Fairy Tail” in the description of the Realms-shattering campaign. I mean to have lots of fey and quests and befriending weird things so they’ll help you and all that. Also, a frostwind virago because they are apparently just sexy blue women in fur coats.
  • Hahaha… I just looked up “Pathfinder relationship system” and discovered that the AP in question – Jade Regent – features the character whose portrait we used for Robin’s PC in the defunct 5e FR campaign. And it’s basically a Marco Polo-ish caravan to the East thing. I might actually enjoy it.
  • If you miss Futurama, try Brooklyn Nine-Nine. It’s a workplace comedy that might as well be animated for all the insanity it throws on the screen – and the police work is just barely more relevant to the show than Planet Express was to Futurama.
  • I'm disappointed the internet hasn't created a Futurama/Brooklyn Nine-Nine mashup image yet. Boyle is totally Zoidberg! Get on it, people!  

I miss sexy D&D. Even 3.5 had an edge to it. Damn you, 4e!


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