By Light, By Night Epilogue

I have completely hit a wall with By Light, By Night; hit it, crashed, and burned. 

It was – like practically everything on this blog – an experiment.  The idea was to write a short (10-15 page) setting synopsis for FATE Accelerated Edition, since I was really impressed with that system right after I read it.  I tried to riff off the anime/young adult novel vibe of the system and create an urban fantasy setting that would fit on the CW: teenage elves and fairies on both sides of a cold war between social groups.  It seemed like a good idea.

Unfortunately, I don’t like YA fiction or CW teen shows.  I like anime – but I’d rather watch one of the few shows out there about adults like Cowboy Bebop or Dai Guard – and I like the gallows humor of Supernatural, but I’m not the audience for what I was trying to write.  I’ve been running an urban fantasy duet with Robin, but it’s a lot more like Lost Girl or True Blood.*

Also, it turns out constantly making up Aspects is a pain for two people.  They recommend FAE for groups of three to five players, and I think that might just be advice to play by.  We went back to using Savage Worlds pretty quickly.

My apologies to anyone who has been following By Light, By Night and wants more.  I’d be amenable to releasing what I’ve done under some sort of Creative Commons license if someone wants to pick it up and keep it going, but otherwise I’m done.  Trying to force myself to finish it has actually been causing a serious case of writer’s block, and I’d like to get back to having fun.

 *Lesson learned: stick to blood, sex, and consenting adults, Sean.


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