By Light, By Night Part 5

Types of Fae (Continued)

The Giant Folk

Few of the Giant Folk feel much relation to each other, but their huge and monstrous appearances unite them despite a lack of common culture.  Young changelings are often surprised by how many of the Giant Folk ally themselves with the Court of Light; there’s as many or more Shreks amongst the fae as there are Lord of the Rings-style cave trolls.  The intelligence of the Giant Kin is also often underestimated; trolls, in particular, enjoy reminding others of how much magic they have mastered. 

An obscure kin who originated on the Isle of Man, buggane perfectly reflect how deeply connected the Light and the Night really are.  Buggane appear less human than many Giant Folk – hairy, tusked, and clawed – but they have gentle hearts and prefer to spend their time enjoying the peace and quiet of nature.  Their preferred approach is necessarily Forceful; they often serve the Court of Light as reluctant warriors of last resort.
Suggested Stunts:
Because I have such a scary appearance, I get a +2 to Flashily Create an Advantage by intimidating my opponents.
Because I have huge claws, I get a +2 when I Forcefully Overcome an obstacle by tearing it down.

One of the few Giant Folk who gather in family units instead of living alone, ogres often challenge the Fair Folk for leadership of Court of Light enclaves.  Many suspect the entire kin of being double-agents for the Parliament of Night, but this is undoubtedly mere paranoia.  Ogres appear as overblown humans – tall and bulky with oversized heads and bone-crunchingly large teeth – but they are also masters of shape-shifting and will often spend days on end in other forms.  They enjoy being Flashy.
Suggested Stunts:
Because I can be anyone or anything, I get a +2 to Cleverly Create an Advantage by assuming someone or something else’s shape.
Because I am at one with my magic, I get a +2 to Flashily Defend by flowing from one shape to another and sowing confusion in my foes.
Trolls vary so greatly in shape and size -- some appearing as tall, handsome humans and others as grotesque mud-monsters – that even fellow trolls have trouble telling if they’re of the same kin.  This might account in no small part for why few trolls seek the companionship of the Light and instead seek the anonymity of the Night.  They are connected intimately to stone and soil and take their time Carefully plotting against enemies both real and imagined.
Suggested Stunts:
Because I have the patience of stone, I get a +2 to Carefully Attack my targets when I’ve already worked out their weaknesses.
Because I am one with the earth, once per session I can meld into the soil and hide undetected.



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