A Fragment

Man, I wish somebody with more time on their hands would finish this for me...

Ikonia – a mind-bending world of savage science and stellar sorcery! 

Lost in the depths of time and space, the planet Iconia is a world torn between good and evil.  Half the world is blighted under the tyranny of Nekrosis, Lord of Rot, while the other half stands fast through the leadership of Adam Prime, Lord of Strength.  Bold heroes and vile villains strive to defend or control the Treasures of Awe that can grant the power to conquer the universe!  Join them in their spectacular adventures!

Requires the Savage Worlds Super Powers Companion

Inspired by the genre-bending “sorcery and science” cartoons (“Thundarr the Barbarian,” He-Man and the Masters of the Universe”) and “heavy metal” fantasy films of the 1980s (“Krull,” Metalstorm: The Destruction of Jared-Syn”), Ikonia is a setting of super-powered action freed from the genre restrictions of superhero comics.   It is a world of larger-than-life heroes and villains with


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