Pirates of the Spanish Main Session Report 3

So...  This was basically a continuation of the "Eye of Kilquato" part of the previous session.  We didn't use maps and so got to wing it a bit more.  The characters in attendance were Nana, Elias, Gunter, the Mad Arab, and Kit (obviously; I really shouldn't bother to mention Kit).

One of my players tends to be a bit of an attention hog (it is not my wife).  During session 3, I resolved this problem by having everyone draw initiative cards for non-combat situations too.  I forgot to do that this time.  That was a mistake.

  • The PCs and their skeleton crew sailed to Cartegena to negotiate the return of the governor's sister.  Gunter decided to woo Esperanza and left her pining for his return after they ransomed her.  Nana piqued the interest of Commandante Luys de Alva, Esperanza's fiancee, but the pirates' tenuous safety  in Cartegena left her no time to pursue that attraction.    
  • The players decided that rather than plunge straight into a dungeon crawl, they'd recruit some red shirts to get killed in the traps, so they rounded up some likely bravos.  Many of them later got killed in traps.
  • Despite coming from Austria and not having the Occult Knowledge skill (which I didn't realize at the time), Gunter decided he was an expert of voodoo.  They sailed to Port-au-Prince to recruit a bokor and ran into one of Kit's old buddies, Geoffrey Holder's character from "Swashbuckler."  Many 7-Up jokes were made and -- rather than correct their misapprehension that a "bokor" and not a "houngan" is a voodoo priest rather than a zombie-making black magician -- Cudjo directed them to a run-down plantation out of town run by a supposed Frenchman named Aristide.  Gunter bought the services of a barmaid first.
  • Gunter's original plan was to buy a bokor slave.  His views don't quite jibe with the "Occupy Port Royal" sympathies of the rest of the crew.
  • The players met Bela Lugosi's character from "White Zombie."  He had zombie bodyguards and a zombie sex slave.  Nana, being observant Shinto, refused to have anything to do with him.  Elias saw Aristide and his zombie bride enjoying foreplay and was understandably freaked out.  Gunter, who was too good a Catholic to take advantage of Esperanza, was unfazed by consorting with a necromancer.
  • They sailed back to Cannibal Island and entered the cave.  Disturbing bas-reliefs were carved into the walls depicting the rise of the cult of Dagon; some men looked on them and went mad, but the Mad Arab and Gunter instead increased their understanding of the occult world.  Nana and Elias didn't look.
  • The cave setup was described as essentially identical to the Kilquato cave, so the Mad Arab jury-rigged a pulley system through the underwater passage and they began hauling out gold by the bagful.  Rather than be attacked by a giant crocodile, the team inside the watery cave was set upon by waves of brutish Deep Ones (using the Sea Troll stats from Savage Worlds Fantasy Companion).  Gunter apparently expected Aristide to start throwing fireballs or something, but I'm using the The Savage World of Solomon Kane magic rules, so no dice.  He did manage to buy some time with a Fear spell, and the pirates took the opportunity to skedaddle.  

Elias recovered a gold-plated magic musket.  Nana got a phobia of watery caves.  Gunter went to boink another barmaid.  Aristide got an unfair share of the gold.  The Mad Arab got to be enigmatic.


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