An Introduction from Sean

“Wine and Savages” is the shared blog of Robin and Sean, two thirtysomething child-free professionals living in South Texas.  Through it, we hope to share our love of wine (particularly the wines of the Texas Hill Country) and role-playing games (particularly Savage Worlds) with occasional asides into anime, books, comics, and manga.

I specifically intend to use this forum to share my insights into one-on-one roleplaying gleaned from a decade of gaming in which my wife has been my only player 90% of the time, play reports for my current Pirates of the Spanish Main group game, and a series of Savage Worlds conversions I’m currently calling Savage Swordsmen.   I’d love to achieve for Savage Worlds something as insightful and scholarly as Grognardia or Dreams in the Lich House provide for the D&D OSR, but I’m way too rusty at writing to promise anything like that yet.



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