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Accursed: Banes of the Eyeless


Lesser Eye-Ball

Greater Eye-Ball


Lesser Cyclops

Greater Cyclops


Radiant Cyclops


And the worst of them all..,

The Eye Creatures!

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Accursed: The Eyeless

Not that the remake doesn't have its charms, but I prefer the classic Clash of the Titans witches.
The Eyeless is generally considered the least of the Witches of the Grand Coven by those who study that foul alliance.  She acted as the Coven's spymaster, sending her invisible Unseen to infiltrate the Alliance of Light's war councils and her lesser Banes to watch troop movements.  Not discovering the plot between the Seelie Fey and the human armies that led to the destruction of the Djinn was her greatest failure.

How a being so paranoid could have missed such an important detail despite her normal exactitude puzzles many.  It appears she is now anathema to her former allies, and may even be on the run from them.

This suits the Eyeless just fine.  She never trusted her supposed allies; they were always planning to betray her.  The Djinn was the worst; it's obvious to the Eyeless that her supposed death was all part of a complicated doublecross and that the mysterious Djinn was allied with the Fey all along.  Now the Eyeless has returned to the darkness of her caves in order to watch and plot.

The Eyeless plans to destroy her enemies by learning their secrets and striking when the time is right.

Unfortunately, she thinks everyone is her enemy.  

The Eyeless is trapped in a spiral of paranoia and indecision, thinking everyone and every thing is out to destroy her.  She sits alone with her crystal ball in a pitch-black cave far from any habitation, watching the world through the eyes of her Banes.  Her greatest fear is her own creation, for even she cannot see the Unseen.

Style of Magic
The Eyeless' magic concentrates on scrying and tricks of the light.  She knows (and may have invented) every known illusion and detection spell.  Her Banes are all linked to her crystal ball, and her attention is divided across the whole of Morden.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Accursed: The Unseen

The Unseen were created by the Eyeless One, the Witch who acted as the Grand Coven's spymaster.  Made permanently invisible by the Witch's magic, the Unseen were used as assassins and spies during the Bane War, and then abandoned to their own misery when the war ended.

The defining power of the Unseen is invisibility.  They do not have any magical attacks or increases to their abilities, but invisibility is an exceptionally dangerous tool.  Savvy Unseen have learned to take advantage of deadly tactics to increase their effectiveness.

Witchbreed Package
All Unseen gain the following racial package:

  • Blank Expression: Just as a character with the Blind Hindrance receives a -2 penalty to most social tasks because the character can’t “read” other people’s body language, so too does an Unseen character receive a -2 penalty on most social tasks because others literally cannot see her expression.  You can’t make eye contact if somebody can’t see your eyes.
  • Invisibility: The naked bodies of the Unseen are permanently invisible, as per the power.  Other characters suffer a -6 penalty to Notice an Unseen and to attack rolls against her or him.  There is no penalty if the Unseen is wearing normal, opaque clothing.  If the Unseen is wielding a visible tool or weapon -- or has been splashed with paint or something else to make him visible -- then attacks are resolved as normal called shots against visible targets.
  • Megalomania: The ability to observe without being seen inevitably leads the Unseen to an overinflated sense of their own power.  All Unseen have the Overconfident Hindrance.

Racial Edges
The Unseen have exclusive access to the following Racial Edges. These Edges can be taken at character creation if Edge selections are available and the requirements are met. Alternatively, they can be purchased with Experience Points as the character grows and develops.

Low Light Vision
Requirements: Novice, Unseen.
The Unseen’s eyes have adjusted to see beyond normal human limitations.  The character gains the Low Light Vision Monstrous Ability.

Requirements: Seasoned, Unseen, Low Light Vision.
The Unseen can now see beyond the visible spectrum.  The character gains the Infravision Monstrous Ability.

Requirements: Seasoned, Unseen.
The Unseen has gotten pretty used to traipsing all over the place in the nude.  She receives a +2 bonus on Survival rolls made to withstand environmental hazards.

Requirements: Seasoned, Brawler, Unseen.
Because the Unseen risk exposing themselves to discovery by carrying weapons, the Eyeless had them train in unarmed combat techniques.  When a character with the Strangler Edge succeeds on a grappling attempt, he not only entangles his foe but his foe is also Shaken (which usually requires a raise on the attack roll); if he scores a raise, then he may initiate an attempt to damage in the first round (rather than having to wait until the next round as usual).

Acceptance or Defiance
In a sense, the Unseen have had their identities stolen.  Unable to see even the backs of their hands, many are driven by a compulsion to become visible again.  Others embrace the power that anonymity gives them.

Stage 1: Acceptance
The Unseen laughs at the terror her bizarre appearance causes in others.  She begins to fade from the view of even those with supernatural senses.
Effect: The character gains a Minor psychological Hindrance (like Death Wish or Mean).  Characters with infravision suffer normal lighting penalties to Notice and attack the character.

Stage 2: Acceptance
The Unseen is invisible to even the supernatural eye as he loses more and more control over himself.
Effect: The Unseen gains a new Major psychological Hindrance (such as Curious or Yellow).  He is now fully invisible to infravision and scrying powers (like detect arcana) suffer a -2 penalty to detect the Unseen.

Final Stage: Acceptance
The Unseen is undetectable by even magical means, but descends even deeper into madness.
Effect: The Unseen contracts two more Major psychological Hindrances, but is now undetectable to scrying powers like detect arcana, farseeing, and object reading.  

Stage 1: Defiance
The Unseen fights her way back to visibility one step at a time.
Effect: There is now a dim outline around the Unseen, reducing the effect of her invisibility to -4 to Notice and attack.  Her experience seeing through things gives her a +2 bonus to see through illusions and detect the invisible. 

Stage 2: Defiance 
The Unseen is now able to become visible for short periods.
Effect: The Unseen may now force his body back into visibility for a number of hours per 24 hour period equal to his Vigor die.  This requires a success on a Vigor roll.  While visible, the character no longer suffers the effects of Blank Expression.  The bonus to pierce illusions and detect the invisible rises to +4.  

Final Stage: Defiance
The Unseen finally becomes permanently visible again and fully regains her sense of self.
Effect: The Unseen permanently loses the Blank Expression, Invisibility, and Megalomania racial powers.  She is now immune to illusions and is the only kind of being that can see the Unseen. 

Thanks to Mitch Williams for the name!

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Accursed: Banes of Loki

from Igor Kierlyuk's Gotham 1459 project
The Nordheimer mercenaries that accompanied the Grand Coven already appeared odd to the Armies of Light -- their arms and armor were baroque and archaic compared to those of Morden -- so the appearance on the battlefield of men who seemed divided down the middle between armored warriors and primitive savages was first thought to be merely a Nordheim affectation.  The champions of Morden were naturally taken aback when the first killing blow delivered to one of these bifurcated men meant he split apart into two hale and hearty warriors!
Attributes: Agility d6, Smarts d6, Spirit d6, Strength d8, Vigor d8.
Skills: Athletics d6, Fighting d8, Intimidation d6, Notice d4, Shooting d6, Throwing d6.
Charisma: 0  Pace: 6  Parry: 6 or 7 (see below)  Toughness: 8 (2; see below)
Hindrances: Loyal, Vengeful (Major)
Edges: Acrobat, Berserker, Combat Reflexes (see below).
Equipment: Brigandine armor, flintlock musket (2d8, ROF 1, 10/20/40, 2 actions to reload), Nordheim longsword (Str+d8), Nord axe (Str+d6, ROF 1, 3/6/12).
Special Abilities

  • Bifurcation Berserkergang: When a Bifurserker is Incapacitated, he splits into two separate beings with their own Wound tracks.  (Thankfully, most Bifurserkers are Extras.)  These separated beings then go Berserk (as per the Edge) as they fight furiously to be recombined.  While split, the savage warrior gains the benefits of the Acrobat Edge since he is no longer encumbered; his Parry increases to 7 while his Toughness decreases to 6.  The civilized warrior retains the combined form's armored Parry and Toughness.  Bifurserkers recombine 1d6 rounds after they win in battle; if one half has been killed, the other half dies when they are reunited.

You now have an excuse to watch The Lone Ranger (2013)
Marcher Hares
What kind of mind warps harmless rabbits into pack-hunting carnivores?  A mind like Loki's, that's what kind.  Marcher Hares travel in packs of 3-12.  They are opportunistic predators, scavenging when needed or stealing from humans.  Like sharks, the scent of blood can drive them into a feeding frenzy.
Attributes: Agility d8, Smarts d4 (A), Spirit d10, Strength d4, Vigor d6.
Skills: Athletics d6, Fighting d6, Notice d6, Subterfuge d4.
Pace: 6  Parry: 5  Toughness: 3
Special Abilities

  • Bite: Str+d4
  • Pounce: Marcher Hares may leap 1d4" to gain a +4 to hit and damage.  Parry is reduced by -2 until its next action.
  • Size -2
  • Small: Attackers subtract 2 from their attacks to hit.

The Great White Rabbit (WC)
Frightened rumor speaks of an albino Marcher Hare that hunts alone.  This fearsome beast is gifted with preternatural strength and ferocity.  The best thing to do if you encounter the Great White Rabbit is to run away.
Attributes: Agility d12, Smarts d8 (A), Spirit d12, Strength d4, Vigor d12+2.
Skills: Athletics d10, Fighting d12+2, Notice d10, Subterfuge d10, Tracking d12.
Pace: 8  Parry: 11  Toughness: 9
Special Abilities

  • Bite: Str+d6
  • Fleet Footed: The Great White Rabbit rolls a d8 when running.
  • Go for the Throat:  With a raise on its attack roll, the Great White Rabbit hits the target's most weakly armored location.
  • Improved Block: As the Edge.
  • Improved Dodge: As the Edge.
  • Improved Frenzy: As the Edge.
  • Improved Tough as Nails: As the Edge.
  • Pounce: Marcher Hares may leap 1d4" to gain a +4 to hit and damage.  Parry is reduced by -2 until its next action.  Because of its size, it can easily pounce back and forth between man-sized targets in melee.
  • Quick: As the Edge.
  • Size -2
  • Small: Attackers subtract 2 from their attacks to hit.
Damn straight!
Additional Banes of Loki
The following monsters from Savage Worlds Horror Companion make excellent Banes of the Warlock-Witch: Black Tree, Demon/Devil (Seducer), Dream Evil, Dreamreaver, Evil Clown, Goblin, Imp, Living Grimoire, Living Topiary, Rug Fiend, and Tainted Musician. GM's with access to the Savage Worlds Fantasy Companion may wish to add Giants (Fire, Frost).

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Accursed: Loki the Warlock-Witch

Loki in both of his/ her forms.  S/he likes to do this to mess with people.

The scholars of Morden are perplexed by the Witch called Loki.  Loki’s motivation, modus operandi, and even gender seem to randomly shift from encounter to encounter.  The Warlock-Witch of Nordheim is a puzzle to her/his enemies.

S/he is also a puzzle to her/his allies.  Loki has claimed to be an extraplanar alien, a god/dess, an alien god/dess, a pair of fraternal twins fused together by an early magical mishap, a cursed prince/ss, and a self-aware fictional character.  Some have posited that s/he’s actually a mole from the Unseelie Fae and not a proper Witch at all.  Loki has told different stories to different Witches and different stories to the same Witches.

During the Bane War, Loki offered little (apparent) magical assistance to her/his allies.  S/he summoned a few frost giants here and a few fire giants there, crafted a few illusions and enabled a few surprise attacks with her/his rainbow bridge, but generally s/he played at being the general of the Nordheim mercenaries.  It was only secretly, and without the knowledge of the Grand Coven, that s/he began creating her Hiding Ones and planting her other unpredictable Banes throughout Morden.

Loki usually appears as either a suavely handsome young man or a seductive young woman with green eyes and black hair; s/he often switches back and forth between genders during encounters, earning her/him the title “Warlock-Witch.”  S/he has also appeared in other forms – a child, a mare, a frost giant – but prefers to be recognizable to her/his foes; it’s more fun that way.

Loki’s only goal seems to be to sow chaos and watch the results.  The Warlock-Witch seems to care very little as to whether s/he or her/his allies are winning or losing, as long as there’s plenty of sex and violence to keep her/him entertained.  This flighty detachment from the ramifications of her/his actions fuels speculation that Loki is one of the Unseelie.

Style of Magic
Loki enjoys transformations and manipulating emotions.  Her/his favorite approach to anything is to take a single flaw and magnify it, wreaking havoc out of her/his victim’s own fears and desires.  S/he also specializes in bending reality in artful (and awful) ways.

The rainbow bridge s/he used to transport troops across canyons and rivers is an example of the latter.  A simple trick of light and mist should not be able to carry armored soldiers and field artillery, and yet it did on more than one occasion.  Rabbits shouldn’t be vicious carnivores, clowns shouldn’t be murderous fiends, and men shouldn’t change into monsters right before your eyes.

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Accursed: Hiding Ones

Just in case you didn't get the pun.

Everyone has secrets.  Everyone has dark urges and dirty thoughts they keep hidden.  Everyone has a monster inside.

Loki the Transgressor, the Warlock-Witch of Nordheim, took no interest in the captive Outlanders who formed the initial stock of Accursed.  Like O-koroshi-hime, she (sometimes he) had been recruited by the Crone for the temporal power she already wielded in Nordheim; he (sometimes she) was well compensated with plunder.  S/he reveled in releasing her/his berserkers upon the battlefields and appeared well-satisfied with her/his place in the war.

That was all a ruse, of course; it was just one of the countless subterfuges the Transgressor plotted against both allies and enemies.  S/he wasn’t interested in making her/his own Witchbreed from the Outlanders because they were going to be mere soldiers in the Bane War.  S/he didn’t want to simply conquer Morden; s/he wanted to sow chaos.

When captives were taken from the Armies of Light, when nations fell to the Witches, then Loki became interested.  It was then that the possibility arose to break the rules, to plant seeds of chaos that would sprout long after the fighting was done.  Loki cursed the captives s/he took and let them loose again; Loki worked her/his magic on babes in the womb and let the mothers escape.

The nascent Hiding Ones fought for months or even years alongside their companions in the Armies of Light, unaware of what the Warlock-Witch had done to them even as the curse worked its changes.  Their personality flaws grew worse; some grew bitterly jealous when they were passed over for promotion, others became callous toward the suffering of civilians and their fellow soldiers, and still others grew prideful and reckless.  In all cases, a simmering rage began to boil in the unwitting Hiding Ones’ breasts.

One by one, the Hiding Ones’ inner monster was unleashed.  Jibes between rivals suddenly turned deadly when one party was seized with a maniacal strength and tore the other apart.  Frightened soldiers went mad and slaughtered their own squads.  Wounded warriors returned home turned on their families and friends.  Horror crept secretly amongst the people only to reveal itself in sudden violence.

Those Hiding Ones who survived their initial attacks of madness discovered that Loki had saved her/his cruelest jest for them; after their spate of madness, the Hiding Ones returned to their normal selves with full memories of the awful deeds they wrought.  Most surviving Hiding Ones now live nomadic existences, seeking cures for their afflictions or staying one step ahead of the authorities.  Worse still, those cursed children have come of age – some deep in the hearts relatively free lands like Hebron and Manreia – and soon they will experience their first fits of madness.

Witchbreed Package
All Hiding Ones gain the following racial package:
  • Brute Form: When Hiding Ones lose their self-control, they change into a powerful Brute Form.  The exact characteristics of this form may be different between individuals; some manifest as hairy, Vargr-like creatures, others resemble Devolved Men, and some take on unnatural skin tones like green or red.  This transformation into a brutish personification of id reduces Smarts by two steps (to a minimum of d4) and Charisma suffers a -2 penalty.  The Hiding One also gains the benefits of Hardy, Hulking Hands, and Maniacal Strength.
  • Hardy: While in Brute Form, if a Hiding One is Shaken, further Shaken results do not cause a wound.
  • Hulking Hands: The heavy fists of a Hiding One in her Brute Form do Str+1d4 damage.  Hiding Ones in their Brute Forms are never considered Unarmed Defenders.
  • I’m Always Angry: It might manifest as a lingering self-loathing that makes the Hiding One irritable in the company of others, or it might be jealousy of all who don’t share his burden.  It might even be a genuine contempt for humanity fueled by the Hiding One’s hidden sense of superiority.  In any case, Hiding Ones who are wounded (including a Shaken result from physical damage) or lose a Test of Will in their human form must make a Smarts roll or involuntarily assume their Brute Form.  Hiding Ones in their Brute Form already who are wounded or lose a Test of Will must make a Smarts roll or go Berserk as per the Edge.
  • Maniacal Strength: While in Brute Form, a Hiding One’s Strength and Vigor increase by two dice steps.  This can take both attributes over d12+2.
Racial Edges
Hiding Ones have exclusive access to the following Racial Edges. These Edges can be taken at character creation if Edge selections are available and the requirements are met. Alternatively, they can be purchased with Experience Points as the character grows and develops.

Extreme Size Change
Requirements: Hiding One, Novice
Some Hiding Ones add significant amounts of bone and muscle mass when they transform.  A character with this Edge grows to Size +4 when he transforms, gaining a +4 to Toughness but characters trying to attack the Hiding One add +2 to their rolls.

Requirements: Hiding One, Novice.
While in Brute Form, the Hiding One can see in the infrared spectrum -- allowing him to see opponents' body heat.  The character halves lighting (and invisibility!) penalties when attacking living targets.

Slow Regeneration
Requirements: Hiding One, Veteran
The Hiding One makes a natural Healing roll once a day.

Acceptance or Defiance
Most Hiding Ones seek an end to the curse that has severed them from their families and friends, but some grow to revel in the raw power of their Brute Form.

Stage 1: Acceptance
Whether motivated by revenge against the Witches or fiendish joy in her madness, the Hiding One begins welcoming the change and the rage.
Effect: The character suffers a -1 to resist I'm Always Angry.  She adds +2 to the damage she does with her Hulking Hands.

Stage 2: Acceptance
The transformation comes easier and easier as the Hiding One becomes more and more a monster.
Effect: The Hiding One's Strength increases by three steps in Brute Form.  I'm Always Angry suffers a -2 penalty.

Final Stage: Acceptance
The Hiding One is quick to fall into a berserker rage while he grows even tougher to subdue.
Effect: The Hiding One's Vigor increases by three steps in Brute Form.  The Hiding One's suffers a -2 penalty on Smarts rolls and all related skills while in Brute Form.

Stage 1: Defiance
The Hiding One begins to control her rages.
Effect: The Hiding One suffers only a one step penalty to Smarts when she assumes her Brute Form and gets a +1 bonus to resist I'm Always Angry.  The Hiding One's Strength bonus is reduced to one die. Her Brute Form becomes more human-looking and imposes only a -1 penalty to Charisma.

Stage 2: Defiance 
The Hiding One gains even greater self-control.  When he assumes his Brute Form, there is hardly any physical change.
Effect: The Brute Form now imposes no Charisma penalty.  The Hiding One's Vigor bonus is reduced to one die and he gains a +2 bonus to resist I'm Always Angry.

Final Stage: Defiance
The Hiding One is now completely human again.  She has mastered her will so much that she can no longer be fooled by others.
Effect: The Hiding One loses the benefits of Brute Form (including Hardy, Hulking Hands, and Maniacal Strength) as well as the penalties of I'm Always Angry.  The hand-to-hand combat experience gained means the Hiding One is still not considered an Unarmed Defender when unarmed and may take the Martial Artist and Improved Martial Artist Edges even though they are not normally available in this setting.  She is immune to Test of Will.

Today -- January 20th, 2014 -- is my Two-Year Blogiversary!

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Accursed: Banes of O-Koroshi-hime

I am totally going to make players hate Spirited Away

Hungry Mask (Katsuai Kamen) (WC)
Among the most bizarre Banes the Murder Maiden has created is the Hungry Mask.  The Bane is a spirit of desire bound to the material plane by the mask.  Unable to satisfy its insatiable cravings, it inevitably turns to violence; as O-Koroshi-hime knows, desire is the source of all suffering.

The Hungry Mask appears as vaguely human-shaped blob of black ectoplasm surmounted by a painted wooden mask of the Sakuradan theater tradition.  Childlike in intelligence but with the full range of human desires, it flits about the countryside seeking gratification.  It usually begins by demanding food and drink from a farmstead or village, gorging on what is offered and growing larger and larger.  Eventually its needs turn darker and it runs amok in an orgy of violence.

The body of a Hungry Mask is a gooey mass of black ectoplasm; it has the consistency of pudding at the center and fades to ethereality at the edges.  The only solid part of the creature is the mask itself, and a Hungry Mask can ooze through any opening large enough to permit the mask to pass.

Attributes: Agility d6, Smarts d4, Spirit d10, Strength d12 to d12+5, Vigor d12
Skills: Athletics d6, Fighting d8, Intimidation d10, Subterfuge d6.
Pace:Parry:Toughness: 8 to 13
Special Abilities
  • Bite: The Hungry Mask may grow multiple gnashing mouths to bite Str+d6 damage.
  • Bludgeon: The Hungry Mask may grow multiple limbs and pseudopods to strike for Str damage.
  • Fear: Anyone seeing the creature must make a Fear test.
  • Gorging: As a Hungry Mask gorges on food, sex, and violence, it grows in size and strength.  The GM may roll 1d6 to determine the size of the Hungry Mask: 1 = human-sized/Str d12/Toughness 8, 2 = Size +1/Str d12+1/Toughness 9, 3 = Size +2/Str d12+2/Toughness 10, 4 = Size +3/Str d12+3/Toughness 11, 5 = Size +4 (Large)/Str d12+4/Toughness 12, 6 = Size +5 (Large)/Str d12+5/Toughness 13.  If a Hungry Mask is encountered at any Size below +5, then during combat it will devour any enemies it kills (once per round) until it grows to its maximum size.    
  • Multilimbed Frenzy: Using a combination of bites and pseudopods, a Hungry Mask may attack up to three times per round at no penalty.
  • Quasi-Etheral: While the ectoplasmic body of a Hungry Mask is effectively a squishy liquid rather than truly ethereal, it functions in much the same way.  It cannot be harmed by physical attacks, but is affected by magical items and weapons, supernatural powers, fire, and acid (though flasks of acid or oil flung at the Hungry Mask will simply pass through the ectoplasm rather than breaking).  It can still exert enough solidity to physically strike people and smash objects.
  • Weakness (Mask): Destroying the mask of a Hungry Mask breaks the enchantment and banishes the spirit.  The mask has a Toughness of 12 and follows the rules for Breaking Things (Savage Worlds Deluxe p. 71); it is a Small Target (-4 to hit).

Scorpion by BrotherOstavia

Faceless Hunters
The primary focus of O-Koroshi-hime’s lingering interest in Morden is punishing her recalcitrant Deathmasques.  To this end, she has dispatched her most feared assassins to hunt them down.  Faceless Hunters have traded their identities for the ability to magically alter their bodies to appear to be anyone – just by wearing that person’s skinned face as a mask.  Many a long-suffering Deathmasque has befriended some innocent only to have that person later murdered and replaced by a Faceless Hunter that plot’s the Deathmasque’s end.

Faceless Hunters practice strange unarmed fighting arts unknown in Morden and are experts at moving unseen.  Higher ranking Faceless Hunters may be adept at their own form of Witchcraft or have unique powers granted by the Murder Maiden.  Faceless Hunters are highly competitive and do not operate well in groups.

Typical Faceless Hunter
Attributes: Agility d10, Smarts d6, Spirit d6, Strength d6, Vigor d8.
Skills: Athletics d8, Guts d8, Fighting d10, Intimidation d6, Persuasion d6, Streetwise d6, Subterfuge d10, Throwing d8, Tracking d6, Survival d6.
Charisma: Variable  Pace:Parry:Toughness: 7 (1)
Hindrances: Obligation (Major), Weak Willed.
Edges:  Acrobat, Fleet-Footed, Martial Artist, Thief.
Equipment: When not using weapons scrounged from the people they impersonate or stolen from their targets, Faceless Hunters carry an unusual Sakuradan survival knife (Str+d4, +1 on Survival rolls) and star-shaped Sakuradan throwing knives (Str+d4, ROF 1, 3/6/12, often paired with Rapid Attack)
Special Abilities
  • Face-stealing: If a Faceless Hunter flays a person’s face off and wears it as a mask, then the Faceless Hunter is magically transformed to appear precisely like that person regardless of differences in age, height, weight, and gender.  The Faceless Hunter’s voice will be a perfect imitation of the individual whose face they have stolen, but they will not have any of the person’s memories or skills; for this reason, Faceless Hunters usually spend several days or even weeks observing their targets before making their move.
  • Inverse Ninja Law: Faceless Hunters are highly competitive.  Instead of receiving a gang-up bonus when attacking in groups, they receive a penalty corresponding to the normal bonus.

I was going to create a new Bane for this guy and then I realized he was just a Metal Juggernaut with a katana.

Additional Banes of O-Koroshi-hime
The following monsters from Savage Worlds Horror Companion make excellent Banes of the Murder Maiden: Ama-no-jaku, Black Coachman, Demon/Devil (Gladiator, Spined), Evil Clown, Flesh Ripper, Haunted Armor, Metal Juggernaut, Serial Killer. 

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Accursed: O-Koroshi-hime

The Witch called O-Koroshi-hime has ruled the distant nation of Sakurada for generations.  The Murder Maiden first appeared during an intense civil war in Sakurada.  It was a time of merciless bloodshed; clan fought clan, brother fought brother, for the dubious title of ruler of the isolated island nation.  Finally, there arose an unstoppable general – a man who would use any and all means to achieve his ends – a man in love with murder. 

Ado Naganobu was a man without mercy, a man without pity, a man without remorse.  He killed his own brother in open combat to inherit rulership of their clan.  He married his sister to a rival and then slaughtered the man’s army when his rival was convinced they were allies.  He burned the monasteries of the native faith because they granted shelter to his enemies and crucified the Enochian missionaries for preaching peace.  He introduced firearms to the battlefield, gunning down enemies armed only with bows and swords.  He drank rice wine from the skulls of his enemies.

As the conflict escalated, the men under Ado’s command became fiercer and more sadistic.  They would burn whole villages to light their camps by night.  They took the heads of their opponents as trophies.  They became monstrous.

A last alliance of the free clans came to battle Ado Naganobu.  Surprisingly, he offered them a chance to negotiate and invited the leaders to his tent.   Here they finally learned the awful truth about the Devil General: he was merely the thrall of a greater power.  On the plain of Daikodo the clans of Sakurada were introduced to Ado’s goddess.  They beheld the might of O-Koroshi-hime.

She appeared like a young girl from a foreign land.  Blonde, petite, and pretty, she was dressed in night-dark black.  No man could meet her eyes; for all her childlike appearance, her will could beat down anyone who approached her.  The bravest warrior of the free clans gouged out his eyes and rushed her; she laughed and her laughter became knives that cut him to ribbons – bloody ribbons she tied into her hair and affixed as bows to her dress.  They knew she was a goddess made flesh… and they surrendered.

Sakurada is now a military dictatorship where the descendant of Ado rules as Lord High General and O-Koroshi-hime is worshipped as God-Empress.  Cruelty is the law of the land.  Parents sell their daughters into prostitution for enough rice to live through winter.  The knights of Sakurada test the sharpness of their wondrous steel sabers on condemned prisoners – or peasants in the street when they feel like it.  Uprisings are put down with brutal savagery.  The Murder Maiden revels in the anguish of the people.

Unsurprisingly, O-Koroshi-hime joined the Grand Coven more as a lark than from any great ambition.  She is already God-Empress of Sakurada, so the conquest of Morden was of little concern to her.  The Sakuradans are mercenaries in as much as O-Koroshi-hime was promised payment by the Crone; that payment was new subjects on which to refine the art of killing, and the Murder Maiden was paid well. When the Grand Coven was broken, she took her army and left, like a spoiled child bored of a game.

And yet, O-Koroshi-hime is not quite satisfied.  There are Deathmasques who resisted her indoctrination – who refuse to worship her as their goddess – still on the loose in Morden.  She has dispatched Banes and assassins to destroy these apostates; they vex her and as they continue to vex her, Morden begins to vex her.  This irritation begins to become an ambition.  She’ll show those traitors who is the master, and perhaps she’ll show all Morden what it means to defy her.

Style of Magic
The Murder Maiden is the mistress of pain and cruelty.  She can telekinetically control any weapon from the humblest knife to the mightiest cannon.  She excels at inducing fear.

Much of her magic involves masks.  She knows that the anonymity of a mask frees a man from his inhibitions; when no one knows it’s you, you can be as cruel as you want without fear of repercussions.  When she imbues a mask with a little of her own essence, a little of her limitless cruelty and desire to inflict pain, then the wearer of that mask can become the most terrifying monster in the world.

Monday, January 13, 2014

Accursed: Deathmasques (semi-repeat)

This is a rewrite of information previously presented as The Deathmasque: A Masked killer player race for Savage Worlds.
The Phantom of the Opera in his Masque of the Red Death costume
When the armies of the Grand Coven descended from the mountains, the Accursed and Banes were accompanied by human soldiers.  Some of the most fearsome of these “mercenaries” were the warriors of Sakurada.  Clad in laminate armor of strange, baroque design and wielding matching pairs of long and short sabers, the Sakuradan forces were fierce and proud opponents.  The leaders of the Armies of Light tried several times to no avail to woo these strangely honor-bound mercenaries to their cause; why they would serve the Witches was a question on many lips.  The answer was that they were not mercenaries at all, but rather the loyal subjects of the ruler of Sakurada – O-Koroshi-hime, the Murder Maiden.

While the Murder Maiden’s greatest contribution to the Grand Coven’s war effort was manpower, she eventually began lending her magical talents to it as well.  Captured enemy soldiers who had distinguished themselves in battle were brought to her and indoctrinated into the death cult of the Sakuradan warriors.  Porcelain masks -- inspired in equal parts by the masked dramas of Sakurada and the masked helmets of the Sakuradan military – were fused to the trained killer’s faces.  They became the Deathmasques, the last-born Witchbreed.

Deathmasque indoctrination involved a regimen of inspired cruelty.  Candidates were first broken by being imprisoned in pits in the ground or wooden cages too small for them to stand or lay down, starved or denied water for days on end, and beaten by their captors.  Once their wills were weak enough, they were given weapons and forced to fight among themselves.  The victors were suddenly treated like royalty, dressed in silks and fed strange Sakuradan delicacies.  They were treated to masked dramas celebrating the lives of cruel warriors and sermons exulting the cult of the Murder Maiden.  Finally, they were allowed the chance to abuse new captives; those who not only accepted but also relished this opportunity were given the final baptism.  Porcelain masks, fresh from the ovens, were affixed to their faces and O-Koroshi-hime breathed her dark magic into them.

The Deathmasques quickly established a reputation as the monster even monsters fear.  Their single-minded devotion to murder as an end in of itself was incomprehensible in a way the bloodlust of vampires or the hunger of Vargr were not.  If they had been introduced earlier in the war, they might have won the field for the Witches, but the breaking of the Coven meant that the Murder Maiden picked up her toys and went home.

A double handful of Deathmasques were able to break their conditioning and escape the retreating Sakuradan army.  All of them had some redeeming particle of compassion left in their souls; some refused to kill children or animals, others loved music, and one had refused to kill anything except fellow killers.  They have found few friends among the Accursed – their atrocities are too terrible for most to forgive – but the Order of the Penitent proclaims that anyone can be redeemed if they feel true remorse.

Witchbreed Package

All Deathmasques gain the following racial package:

  • Bonded Mask: The powers of a Deathmasque stem from the accursed mask provided by his supernatural patron. These masks are fused with the Deathmasques’ faces, preventing them from being able to eat or drink as normal humans. The Deathmasques instead feast on the act of killing itself. A Deathmasque must kill a living being (sentient or animal) with his own hands once every 24 hours or suffer the effects of the Habit (Major) Hindrance. A Deathmasque Incapacitated by the final stage of withdrawal may be revived by having the blood of a freshly-slain victim poured over its body but (as per usual with the Hindrance) the Fatigue levels sustained will last for 1d6 days.
  • Hole in Your Heart: All Deathmasques suffer from the Bloodthirsty and Vengeful (Major) Hindrances; there is a burning hatred of mankind in their breasts that can never be entirely extinguished.
  • Horrifying Visage: The unnerving blank mask a Deathmasque wears imposes a -2 penalty to Charisma; combined with the penalties from Bloodthirsty, this gives Deathmasques a Charisma penalty of -6.
  • No Escape: It is nearly impossible to throw a Deathmasque off your trail.  They begin with a d8 in Tracking; they may raise it to d12+2 using normal advances and up to d12+4 using the Professional and Expert Edges.
  • Terrifying Reputation: Everyone knows about the atrocities committed by the Deathmasques; the tales are told around campfires and whispered in the dark. Combined with the malevolent magic bound into their masks, this makes beholding a Deathmasque a terrifying experience for most people. Human Extras beholding a masked Deathmasque must make a Fear check against terror. A deep, concealing hood may allow the Deathmasque to briefly mingle amongst normal folk, but sooner or later someone is going to peek.
  • Trained Killer: Deathmasques indoctrination made them experts in the art of killing. They begin with a d8 in Fighting; they may raise it to d12+2 using normal advances and up to d12+4 using the Professional and Expert Edges.

Racial Edges
Deathmasques have exclusive access to the following Racial Edges. These Edges can be taken at character creation if Edge selections are available and the requirements are met. Alternatively, they can be purchased with Experience Points as the character grows and develops.

Chosen Victim
Requirements: Deathmasque, Novice, Notice d6+, Tracking d8+.
The Deathmasque designates a specific individual (that he has at least seen but need not be familiar with) as the victim of his murderous rampage. The Deathmasque then gains a +2 bonus to Notice and Tracking rolls to find this unfortunate person until that person is dead.

Implacable Pursuit
Requirements: Deathmasque, Seasoned, Chosen Victim.
Nothing will keep the predator from his prey. The Deathmasque suffers no movement penalties for crouching or difficult ground (SWD p. 65) when pursuing his Chosen Victim.

Don’t Look Away
Requirements: Veteran, Chosen Victim.
The Deathmasque has become so attuned to the pursuit of his Chosen Victim and so infused with the supernatural powers of his mask that his bloodlust can pull him through space to the victim’s side. Whenever the Deathmasque is with 15” of his Chosen Victim and the victim is either unable to see the Deathmasque or is not looking at him, the Deathmasque can attempt to teleport (as per the power) using his Spirit as the associated Attribute. A success moves the Deathmasque to the nearest solid surface within 5” of the victim; a raise means he is now standing right behind her!

Acceptance or Defiance
A Deathmasque who defies his curse may almoist beable to return to a normal life, while those who accept it can become the most feared of all Witchbreed.

Stage 1: Acceptance
The Deathmasque begins to embrace his bloodlust.  He now exudes a supernatural aura that makes even animals recoil in dread.
Effect: The Deathmasque’s presence now terrifies natural animals as well as humans; this makes it impossible for the Deathmasque to travel by horseback or carriage. The Deathmasque may also take any one Combat Edge for which he qualifies. The Deathmasque’s addiction to killing is no longer satisfied by animals; he must kill at least one sentient being every 24 hours. 

Stage 2: Acceptance
Not even the most stalwart human can see the Deathmasque without a shiver of fear; even Banes begin to fear him.
Effect: Human Wild Cards and supernatural Extras (Banes, fae, etc) must make a Fear check when beholding the Deathmasque. He must now kill at least one sentient being every 12 hours; thankfully, he no longer needs to sleep.
Final Stage: Acceptance
At this stage, most Deathmasques are forced into lives of solitude as even their fellow Accursed begin to fear them.  Thankfully, even the most powerful Banes are wary of them too.
Effect: The Deathmasque’s presence now even terrifies Witchbreed and Bane Wild Cards as they instinctively recognize the predator in their midst. The Deathmasque must now kill a sentient being at least once every 6 hours.

Stage 1: Defiance 
It is surprisingly easy to tear the mask from one’s face, though it leaves hideous scars.
Effect: The Deathmasque may now eat and drink as normal instead of surviving on the act of murder itself.  Tearing off the mask leaves horrifying scars, however, so the Deathmasque now has the Ugly Hindrance (-2 to Charisma) whenever he doesn’t wear his mask so all told the Deathmasque’s Charisma penalty actually doesn't change. The Terrifying Reputation ability only works when wearing the mask.

Stage 2: Defiance
Slowly but surely the Deathmasque reacclimates to society.
Effect: The Deathmasque is now able to make peace with some of his homicidal rage. The Deathmasque loses the Bloodthirsty Hindrance (including its Charisma penalty), but he is out of practice in hunting victims and loses a die of Tracking.

Final Stage: Defiance 
The Deathmasque is able to reject the magical effects of the Murder Miaden's conditiong, but the psychological scars remain.
Effect: The Deathmasque is no longer addicted to killing. His scars magically heal -- ridding himself of the Ugly Charisma penalty -- he but loses a die of Fighting as his skills are blunted by lack of practice. Unfortunately, he is still Vengeful (Major) and so may be easily provoked into donning the mask again to terrorize his perceived enemies; he will have to fight this terrifying wrath for the rest of his life.

The Deathmasque originally featured a bonus to Strength.  This "maniacal strength" is more appropriate for the next Witchbreed in this series -- the Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde-ispired Hiding Ones.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Accursed: Banes of Sycorax

Reef Pirates
Reef pirates are not so named because of where they lurk, but because their sea-changed bodies resemble reefs infested with coral, crabs, and eels.  Despite the parasites that are slowly transforming them into inhuman monsters, most reef pirates cling to their old lives.

Reef pirates are not technically undead, but share many of their traits.  The human bodies of reef pirates are dead and so have the bonus to Toughness and immunity to called shots that protect most undead.  The primitive nerve structure of the corals and sea beasts that animate and inhabit reef pirates grant the pirates the usual undead bonus to recover from being Shaken, but the parasites are alive and so are susceptible to disease and poison.

Attributes: Agility d8, Smarts d6, Spirit d6, Strength d6, Vigor d8.
Skills: Athletics d6, Gambling d6, Fighting d8, Intimidation d6, Notice d6, Taunt d6, Shooting d6, Throwing d6.
Charisma: -4  Pace: 6  Parry: 7  Toughness: 8
Hindrances: Mean, Ugly.
Edges: Block, Dirty Fighter.
Equipment: Rusty or barnacle encrusted cutlass (Str+1d6+1), Flintlock Pistol (2d6+1, 5/10/20, 2 actions to reload, 1 in 4 chance powder is wet).
Special Abilities
  • Aquatic: While reef pirates can breathe seawater, they can only swim as well as humans.
  • Bizarre Mutation: The sea life infesting reef pirates bestows bizarre mutations similar to a Mongrel’s Animal Components.  Roll 1d6 to determine; 1 = Inhuman Attribute (fishy tail adds to swimming, cephalod suckers add to climbing), 2 = Inhuman Senses (hammerhead eyes, lateral lines), 3 = Long Limbs (eels for arms, tentacles), 4 = Low Light Vision (bioluminescence, echolocation), 5 = Natural Armor (dermal denticles, shell), and 6 = Natural Weapons (chelae, shark-like teeth).
  • Quasi-Undead: +2 Toughness; +2 to recover from being Shaken; called shots do no extra damage.  No immunity to poison or disease.

Rot Shark
A rot shark is the rotting carcass of a shark animated by a parasitic arthropod hiding in the shark’s belly, only its multi-jointed legs visible as they sprout from the shark’s body.  The overpowering stench of a rot shark and the instinctive arachnid response provoked by the hideous gigantic arthropod legs make the rot shark a source of retching horror for most who encounter it.

Rot sharks are technically not undead, but share many of their traits.  The body of the shark itself is dead and so has the bonus to Toughness and immunity to called shots that protect most undead.  The primitive nerve structure of the parasite means it still receives a bonus to recovering from Shaken, but called shots to the limbs may cripple the creature.  Rot shark parasites are immune to disease but poison administered directly to the parasite has normal effectivess.

These statistics cover a rot shark spawned from the corpse of a great white shark between 18 and 25 feet long.  Larger specimens may well exist, as well as rot sharks spawned from smaller maneaters.  Smaller rot fish likes pirhana and barracuda have been reported.

Attributes: Agility d6, Smarts d4 (A), Spirit d8, Strength d12+4, Vigor d12.
Skills: Athletics d10, Fighting d10, Notice d6, Subterfuge d6.
Pace: 6  Parry: 7  Toughness: 14 (2*)
Special Abilities
  • Aquatic: Pace 6
  • *Armor +2:  The chitinous shell of the parasite protects its legs and the visible portion that protrudes from the shark’s underbelly; this armor does not apply to the rest of the rot shark.
  • Fear -2: The terrifying combination of shark and spider-like legs makes most humanoids react in instinctive horror at the sight of a rot shark.
  • Large: Attackers add +2 to their attack rolls when attacking a rot shark due to its size.
  • Quasi-Undead: +2 Toughness; +2 to recover from being Shaken; called shots do no extra damage (except for called shots directly to the parasite).
  • Size +4:  Great white rot sharks can grow up to 25’ in length.
  • Stench: The stink of decay that clings to a rot shark forces all breathing creatures vulnerable to disease and poison within a Large Burst Template of the shark to make a Vigor roll when they first encounter it or be Shaken.
  • Wall Walker: Can walk on vertical and inverted surfaces at Pace 6.
    (Inspired by the terribly disturbing manga Gyo by Junji Ito)


Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Accursed: Sycorax the Sea Hag

You thought I was going to use a Doctor Who still, didn't you?
At the end of the Bane War, five of the thirteen Witches of the Grand Coven retreated beyond the boundaries of Morden.  It was assumed by most inhabitants of the continent that these Witches had lost interest in the war and returned to their own domains.  While several of the five have indeed returned to their own domains, none of them have forgiven or forgotten the people of Morden.
Sycorax the Sea Hag is able to continue her dreams of conquest in anonymity.  Her domain is the sea and all that dwells within it, and so she has retreated to her underwater cavern deep beneath the Discordian Sea.  In drowned darkness she dwells, dreaming dire nightmares of plunder and madness.  She sends her Calibanoid servants to infiltrate coastal communities, her re-animated pirates to pillage, and her shark monsters to eliminate the recalcitrant.  What she cannot have, she will destroy.
The Sea Hag’s natural appearance is a tall and gaunt human woman of advanced years.  Her skin is a waxy green, but a simple glamour allows her to adopt normal human skin tones.  She can adopt the appearance of anyone who has died at sea; these disguises carry visible marks of their deaths (the drowned are bloated or have clothes that constantly drip water, the devoured bear the bite that killed them) and so she resorts to them with caution.  She can also adopt the form of any sea creature, though always with her own hook-nosed visage.
Sycorax is a creature of avarice who desires the wealth of the surface world.  What she intends to do with the gold and jewels she amasses is a mystery.  It is possible that – like an octopus – she simply hoards shiny things, but it seems more likely she has some long-term plan.  Perhaps the gems and coins are intended as a sacrifice for mystical power, or perhaps her insidious plan is to simply buy the power that conquest could not achieve.
Style of Magic
Command of wind and wave, power over fish and fowl and sea-beast, and the ability to enact terrible “sea-changes” on men and objects alike summarize the most commonly-seen powers of the Sea Hag.
Sycorax, unlike the Morrigan, cannot revive the dead, but she can achieve a similar effect by infecting bodies with the eggs and larvae of hideous crustaceans and mollusks that can animate the dead as a hive mind.  This is how she animates her zombie pirates and rot sharks.  Corrupting symbiosis between fish and human also seems to be the secret behind her deathly mermaids.
Those unfortunate few who have witnessed Sycorax conjuring her magic report that she invokes strange alien entities with irreproducible names – names that were not meant to be pronounced by a human throat but which flow from Sycorax’s mouth as if they were her native tongue.  King Caliban, first and greatest of the Calibanoids, is said to be her spawn from a union with these dwellers in darkness.  The Sea Hag weaves a treacherous web in attempting to command and use these alien devils; a single misstep and she might become the prey instead of the master. 

Friday, January 3, 2014

Accursed: Calibanoid

Calibanoids are the grotesque fish-men witchbreed of Sycorax the Sea Hag, one of the five members of the Grand Coven who have (apparently) fled Morden.  Calibanoids appeared late in the Bane War during belated attempts by the Witches to disrupt the movement of war materiel from Manreia.  Their dependency on water kept them from having a significant presence in any of the major battles, and some amongst both humans and Accursed even doubt their existence.

Fearful rumor in and around Port Sorrow disagrees.

Calibanoids are amphibious, scaly humanoids with a perverse fixation on breeding more of their kind.  It is conjectured that one reason for their late arrival in the war was that they were not transformed human captives but rather the unholy children of said captives.  Regardless, the “Caliban look” – wide-spaced, goggly eyes and oddly-blotched skin – is becoming more common in the ports of the Discordian Sea.

Calibanoids are hardier than humans and have armor-like scales that can turn sword thrusts.  They are immune to the incredible pressure of the ocean’s depths, but are at a disadvantage on land.  Their senses are ill-adapted to the surface; sound travels easier underwater and Calibanoid ears are underdeveloped while their eyes are adapted to the dimness of the sea and can be blinded by the surface sun.  An eerie shared yearning for life under the sea unites all Calibanoids and this makes it difficult for any of them to rebel against Sycorax.

The tiny handful of Calibanoids who have joined the Order of the Penitent admit to only the vaguest memories of a childhood on land, contrasted with an often overwhelming desire to plunge into the ocean’s depths.  They try to avoid the ocean, instead traveling with non-Calibanoid companions along Morden’s many rivers.  Those who avoid the siren’s call of the sea find themselves literally shedding their scales and assuming a more human appearance.

Witchbreed Package
All Calibanoid characters gain the following racial package:
  • Aquatic: Calibanoids are creatures of the sea.  They cannot drown in water, swim at a pace equal to their full Swimming skill (surface dwellers move at half their Swimming skill), and get a free d6 in Swimming.
  • Attuned to the Depths: Calibanoid senses are adapted to living underwater.  They are at a -2 penalty on all Notice checks reliant on hearing while on the surface and a -2 (non-cumulative) penalty on all Notice checks relying on sight during daylight. 
  • Claws: The webbed fingers of Calibanoids end in wicked claws that do Str+1d4 damage.
  • Deep Dweller: Calibanoids are immune to the pressure and cold of even the deepest sea trenches.  They receive a +4 to resist all cold effects on the surface as well.
  • Dehydration: Calibanoids must immerse themselves in water one hour out of every 24 or become automatically fatigued until they are Incapacitated, dying the day after that.  Immersing themselves in a full-body bath is sufficient to prevent dehydration; they don’t have to find a natural source of water.
  • Low Light Vision: While the sun blinds them, Calibanoids are adapted to see perfectly in the dark of the ocean.  They suffer no penalties for Dim and Dark lighting. 
  • Horrifying: Calibanoids are hideous fish-men.  They receive a -4 penalty to Charisma.
  • Scaly: Calibanoids are covered with armor-like scales.  They receive +2 Armor.
  • Siren’s Call: A Calibanoid within 1 mile, sight, or hearing range of the sea must make a Spirit roll every night at midnight to resist the urge the plunge into the depths and join his brethren.

Racial Edges
Calibanoids have exclusive access to the following Racial Edges. These Edges can be taken at character creation if Edge selections are available and the requirements are met. Alternatively, they can be purchased with Experience Points as the character grows and develops.

Requirements: Calibanoid, Novice
The Calibanoid is faster than almost anything under the sea.  He may roll Swimming to “run” while Swimming.

Shark’s Maw
Requirements: Calibanoid, Vicious Claws, Veteran
The Calibanoid’s evolution into a sea-predator continues.  The character’s teeth grow and sharpen; he can now bite for Str+1d6 damage.

Vicious Claws
Requirements: Calibanoid, Seasoned
The Calibanoid mutates further into a sea-beast.  His claws grow and strengthen and now do Str+1d6 damage.

Toxic Claws
Requirements: Calibanoid, Vicious Claws, Veteran
The Calibanoid’s claws now excrete a paralytic toxin.  If an opponent is Shaken or wounded by the Calibanoid’s claws, it must make a Vigor roll or suffer Paralysis as per the Poison Effects Table (Savage Worlds Deluxe p. 89).

Acceptance or Defiance
A Calibanoid who defies his curse may hope to almost pass for human, while those who accept it can become fearsome sea monsters.

Acceptance or Defiance
A Calibanoid who defies his curse may hope to almost pass for human, while those who accept it can become fearsome sea monsters.

Stage 1: Acceptance
The Calibanoid who first begins to exult in his curse finds himself becoming even more inhuman.  Spines and fins sprout from his limbs and back, his dependence on water increases, and his natural weapons become deadlier.
Effect: The Calibanoid must now immerse himself for six out of every 24 hours, armor increases to +4 to Toughness, damage for any natural weapons increases by one step, and Charisma receives another -2 penalty.

Stage 2: Acceptance
The Calibanoid sprouts a tail that aids him in swimming and he develops echolocation that enables him to see in complete darkness.  The call of the sea becomes ever stronger.
Effect: The addition of a tail allows the Calibanoid to make shark- or dolphin-like leaps from the water (roll Swimming to jump as normal).  Echolocation allows the Calibanoid to ignore all darkness penalties for a Large Burst Template around him.  He must now immerse himself for 12 out of every 24 hours and suffers a -2 penalty on the Spirit roll to resist the Siren’s Call.

Final Stage: Acceptance
The Calibanoid must now spend the majority of his time in the water as the urge to join his people becomes nearly unbearable and he grows into a hulking sea titan. 

Effect: The Calibanoid must now spend 18 hours out of every 24 in water and suffers a -4 penalty on the Spirit roll to resist the Siren’s Call.  He increases in size to +4, gaining a +4 to Toughness but now his opponents are at +2 to hit him.

Stage 1: Defiance
The Calibanoid turns his back on the life aquatic and attempts to acclimate to land.  While he loses some of his undersea adaptation, he finds life on the surface earlier.
Effect: The Calibanoid’s senses adjust to the surface (he loses the Attuned to the Depths power) but loses his Low Light Vision.

Stage 2: Defiance
The Calibanoid becomes more human in appearance, piece by piece.  He can no longer withstand the ocean’s depths as he once did.
Effect: The Calibanoid’s claws become retractable.  His scales slough off, leaving oddly-mottled but human skin beneath; he loses the Horrifying and Scaly powers.  He also loses the Deep Dweller power but gains a +2 to resist the Siren’s Call.

Final Stage: Defiance
The Calibanoid is now as human as he will ever be.
Effect: The Calibanoid no longer has his claws but he gains another +2 to resist the Siren’s Call (+4 cumulative).  He retains his Aquatic power and must still fear Dehydration, but if he stays far from the open ocean he may be able to live a normal life.

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